Beach Trip 2017

I literally had a whole post written out about a spontaneous beach trip I look last month but my curser ended up in the wrong spot in my document and in a flurry of typing the whole thing got selected and erased.


I guess I could rewrite the whole thing but…I don’t know I guess it would feel a little forced for me. I’m trying to focus on doing things I want to do instead of doing things because I make myself feel like they need to be done.Read More »

Now Playing: Wiped Out!

One of my favorite albums of all time is one I discovered this summer: Wiped Out! by The Neighborhood. I’ve never heard cool beach vibes translated into an album so perfectly!


The only con about this album is that The Neighborhood has a thing for ambient noise but considering how amazing the album is I’m willing to accept all of it, excessive wave sounds, silence, and all.

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Hitting The Pool

One of my great discoveries this summer is how much I adore spending the afternoon by the pool. Clear blue water, vibrant green trees, a wall of little waterfalls connecting the two pools.


Image by photographer23 via Flickr.

I like to post up on the lounge chair at the end of the row. It’s always at least partially shaded by the tree it’s under. I spend my time lying back and enjoying the heat from the suns ray with my music playing through a waterproof speaker.

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Patios In The Summer

Now that the summer is in full swing one of my favorite things to do is to hang out on a patio and enjoy the warm (boiling hot) weather. I have a little patio at my apartment, but we have yet to invest in patio furniture so for now I just go to the Starbucks on the corner, buy a pink drink, and sit on the big beautiful patio over there.


Image by Peter Roome via Flickr.

Usually I meet up with people at Starbucks to catch up, or I go over there with Austin if I’m getting antsy in the apartment but don’t want to actually do anything. The Starbucks on the corner is so pretty, I like to have long conversations out there as the sun sets.

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How To Make The Most Of Summer

Summer is my favorite season! I love the sun, the beach, swimming pools, lots of pastels and florals and even though I’m NOT a fan of skin cancer I can’t deny I have a teeny tiny soft spot for a tan. This summer is the first summer that I’m not drowning in financial struggles and I’m excited to make it the best summer yet! The following is a list of my ideas and experiences:


Image by Tony Hisgett via Flickr.

Pool Time – Last month I discovered how gorgeous the pool at my apartment complex is. I can’t get over it! And now at least once a week I pack up some sun screen and speakers and hang out by the water. It’s the most relaxing thing on my itinerary and I can’t pass it up!

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Places To Go

Now that I have my ducks in order (somewhat) I’ve been finding myself thinking about one of my many hobbies, traveling. I’m determined to make this the year I get back on the road again and see new sights. Before I can pack up my bags, though, I have to brainstorm places to go.


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

Big Bend – It’s been a while since I’ve done some camping, and I’ve certainly never went camping out in the middle of a desert before. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Big Bend and I’m looking forward to experiencing that part of West Texas.

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Getting Ready For Summer

With winter coming closer and closer to a close I can’t help but jump three strides ahead and start getting ready for summer. Things heat up quickly down here in Texas so summer begins around mid-March for us.


Photo by Oliver Regelmann via Flickr.

I’m so pumped for summer! I want to go to the movies, visit festivals, hit the beach, and so much more. I have a little bit more of a wait ahead of me but in the meantime I’m getting ready for the new season.

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Summer Mash-Ups

As far as listening to music goes I’ve been off of the radio due to the constant loop of mediocre songs and the endless commercials. Don’t get me wrong I love pop music but I like to have control over what’s going through my speakers. Instead of the radio I’ve become a really big fan of Spoitfy, which is a great application you can use to listen to all of your favorite songs without spending a dime. This summer, however, I’ve been slowly but surely moving away from Spotify as well. Where have I gone, musically? To mash-ups, of course! This is not by any means the first time I posted about mash-ups, but it is the first playlist I’m posting that consists nothing but mash-ups. What can I say? I can’t get enough of them! The following is the current list of songs I’ve been jamming out to this summer:

Lana Del Rey vs. Selena Gomez – Come & Get It At The Races

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