Day to Day Makeup Routine

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a beauty post so I figure I would jump back into it with my basic day-to-day routine. These days I aim for light and natural. I think it’s very popular in this day and age to cake on layer on top of layer, which is fine! I’m not judging, though it’s not the look for me. Anyway, the elements of my typical makeup look:

Image by nicksarebi via Flickr.

  • BB Cream/ Light to Medium Coverage Foundation – Mostly because my skin does not have noticeable blemishes most days and I feel like it would be a shame to cover up the freckles that are dusted on my cheeks.Read More »

New Purse!

As time goes on I’ve noticed that purses have been slowly but surely collecting in the back of my closet. I swear though, I needed a new! And this will be the last one I get for a while (probably!).


I feel like I have an issue with keeping too many random thing in my purse. Part of it is me trying to be prepared of every last situation that could possible occur in my life (that never to) and things, mostly lipsticks, piling up as time goes on.

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Inspiration Collages #2

It’s been almost 8 months since my last set of inspiration collages, and considering how much as gone on for me this summer I think it’s about time I get back in touch with my inner me and make a fresh set!


As you can tell, I’m still obsessed with pink and flowers but I’m started to be more attracted to deeper, more muted shades opposed to my usual pastels. I love love love makeup (and I’m loud and proud about it now that I’m about to go to school for it). Long brown hair, sweaters & dresses, and The Neighbourhood. The photo of Wiped Out! even shows the song with my favorite lyrics from the album:Read More »

Beauty Isn’t Taboo

Do you remember back in the day when I used to write a bunch of makeup reviews and post pictures of my at-home hair dye experiments? I do, and making those posts were a lot of fun. I stopped posting about beauty so much because it started to feel a bit taboo.


Image by Michael Summers via Flickr.

I somehow convinced myself that when I posted about makeup and hair all of the time I was being shallow and that there were better topics for me to address online. But you know what? I love writing about beauty and style. Those are usually my most popular posts AND you know what?? I’m going to cosmetology school in November (I moved my start date up) so before you know it beauty and style will be my JOB.

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Getting My Natural Hair Color Back

I’ve been dyeing my hair different colors since I was 16 and now, at 21, the day has finally come: I want my natural hair color back. But of course, like any other time I’ve dealt with changing hair colors, getting my natural color back is not as simple of a process as I originally thought.


Image by Marcel Nuernberger via Flickr.

Earlier this year I wanted to have light brown hair so I bleached my hair in an attempt to get the color I wanted. It turns out that I look ok with light brown hair but the shade never came out quite like I wanted and it ended up fading back to orange before I knew it.

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Turning a New Leaf

As I’m sure you’ve noticed my blog looks pretty different. The colors, the theme, THE NAME. I’ve been up to a lot the past couple of days pulling the blog rebrand together but I’m super pleased with how it turned out!


Image by e-wander via Flickr.

All of the old posts from Loitering Lion are still up on this version of my blog (even the superhero movie reviews that I posted back in 2011) although the posts I’ve done with playlists in them don’t work anymore since I can’t use that plug-in anymore.

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Lightening Up My Look

It’s no secret that make up and beauty have become a pretty big hobby for me. I love trying to products and experimenting with new variations of my look. Usually when I working with my makeup I’m thinking of what else I can add to my routine and which productions I can buy. However, lately I’ve been taking a different approach. Instead of trying to add more to my daily makeup routine, I’m taking elements out of it.


Image by Roco Julie via Flickr.

I haven’t been using BB Cream over the past few weeks. I use a light powder on my face still, but not every day. At first I felt like I looked gross without BB Cream but honestly I look more like an actual human being. It only took a week for me to get used to not having BB Cream on and when I tried wearing it again for a day I felt like I looked weirder WITH it. I still like my light powder to get rid of some of the shininess on my face but I don’t feel the need to even out my color anymore.

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Fresh Style

After scanning the shelves of Forever 21 and H&M over and over again I’m starting to realize that I’m over these stores. As time goes on I find it harder to find anything I would want to wear in these stores. Absolutely nothing matches my style. The question comes up: where do I shop now?


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

The issue with stores like Forever 21 is that it’s quick fashion. They have a ton of clothes that they throw on the shelves but none of it is new or fresh. These stores follow shitty internet and celebrity trends. I don’t want to dress like Kylie Jenner! I want to dress like me!

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Black Friday Star Wars Haul

For the first time in my life I went out on Thursday night and stood in line at my local Target in the rain for Black Friday like the American trash that I am. I had a few things to pick up and I needed a break from being at home, ok??

star wars joggers

I only picked up a few things, but they’re pretty cool if you ask me. I got a couple of Star Wars joggers that I’ve been eyeing for months. My favorite pair is the one with the darker gray and the little logo on the top left corner. They’re both comfy and I enjoy them, especially in this colder weather.

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