Spider-Man Movie Collection

The day has finally come! I own all of the Spider-Man movies!

spiderman dvd

As you may know by now I’m a bit of a nut for superheroes, Spider-Man and Batman being my top two. Over the past year and a half on Loitering Lion I’ve expressed my love for Spider-Man in many ways, from freaking out about seeing the latest installment of the film series in IMAX to getting a heart-shaped Spider-Man tattooed to my wrist. After all of the hoopla it’s only appropriate that I own all of the films (as well as every piece of Spider-Man merch known to the human race). I owe my sister, Mimi, a huge THANK YOU since she is the one who gave me all of these!

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Spider-Man Tattoo

There was once a time I was convinced I would never get a tattoo. The  permanence of it boggled me. I couldn’t think of anything I’d want to commit to forever. Life may be short but people change so quickly! Sometimes I think back to who I was one, three, and even five years ago and am baffled by how much I’ve changed. So how could I get a tattoo that would stick with me?

My roomie during my freshman year of college, Krista, is a huge advocate of tattoos and after living with her for seven months she managed to get me in a chair. It actually didn’t take as much convincing as one would think.

spiderman tattoo - tagged

In March of 2014 I got my first tattoo. Krista wanted to hit up one of the local tattoo shops and she wanted me to tag along. She casually suggested that I get a tattoo with her and I immediately agreed. Why not? It was something I had never done for and I’m all about pushing my limits. In fact, breaking my own rules has become a personal hobby of mine over the past year! So, less that 24 hours after the idea was planted in my hair I walked out of the tattoo parlor with my first tattoo, a Spiderman heart on the inside of my right wrist.

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