Where Does My Blog Go?

Over the past six months or so I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my online presence and how that will affect my life in the future. Especially now that I’m working on skills to start a career I’ve had to clean up my online accounts. It’s easy to lock my personal accounts and make public professional ones but where does my blog go?


Image by Markus Spiske via Flickr.

I’ve considered many ways to go about controlling my blog. I don’t want potential employers to check out my blog before they know me (or ever) because I want control of how my coworkers and bosses see me. However, I still love writing online and reading other people’s blogs. Part of me considered shutting my blog down altogether but I know I’ll regret that. So what do I do?Read More »

Catfishing & Identity Theft

The longer the MTV show Catfish is on the air the more questions pop into my head about how legal catfishing should be. Sure stealing someone’s photos and pretending to look like them sounds pathetic but harmless but there are some issues that pop up.


Image by Steve Snodgrass via Flickr.

There have been incidents that I’ve seen both on the show and in real life where people not only use photos of people to catfish but also the names of that person. To me, I’d be upset if someone was using my photos but I feel like it’s crossing a line if someone was using my name, too. On a level that’s identity theft, which is ILLEGAL.

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Starving For Likes

When I first started blogging I had the intent that I wanted to share my thoughts, opinions, and artwork with the world. It’s a pretty simple concept that I still believe today. I’ve been on a long journey with my blog between the start of Loitering Lion in 2012 and the new chapter I’ve begun with Strawberries & Peonies now in 2016. During that time, I’ll admit, my intent got a bit skewed. The joy I had for posting on my blog turned into stress about attracting attention and an audience.


Image by Jack Lyons via Flickr.

As it turns out, stressing out about the number of people who follow me and look at my blog sucks a lot of the fun out of creating content and posting in the first place. I focused more on posting things I though other people wanted to see rather than things I enjoying making. On top of that, I pushed myself to keep up with my every other day posting schedule which at times lead to me posting a lot of bull shitty, half-assed posts.

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I’ve taken a dive and finally got around to making a bloggers retweet account on Twitter called PastelBloggers. I know that doesn’t mean anything to most people so let my try to explain in words that actually make sense.

pastel blogger twitter
The Pastel Bloggers Twitter profile page

On Twitter, there are various accounts that solely retweet blog links and occasionally host blogger chats. I’ve always been fascinated by the sense of community these accounts create and have been interested in starting of my own for years. I even attempted a US Bloggers account back in 2014 but quickly dropped the project due to personal issues I was facing at the time.

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Why I Deleted My Facebook

With so many social media options at our fingertips it becomes easier and easier to get wrapped up into the world of likes and uber-staged selfies. It got to a point where I began to feel obligated to share what I was up to on social media just to prove that I’m in fact NOT a total bore. It’s time for me to cut back a little, starting with getting rid of Facebook.


Image by Jason Howie via Flickr.

Looking at my Facebook profile page I noticed that there wasn’t much there. I hardly ever interact with people on it, and most of my posts were my Instagram posts. I used Facebook to watch what others were doing and finally I decided that I simply don’t care what other people are up to. The few people who are actually entertaining to keep up with on social media are also on Twitter and Instagram not to mention the fact that I doubt I’d be missed.

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Being Personal Online

Ever since I first started blogging I’ve been faced with the dilemma of  how much of my personal should I share on online. I’ve never been one to blast my life on the internet, even on my more well hidden accounts. But I find a lot inspiration from my life and what I’m going through. Where is the line?


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

I believe that boundary is different for everyone, but I LOVE reading about the details of my friend’s lives online. Tumblr.  is pure entertainment. I wish more people had blogs and updated them regularly. Part of me wants to lead by example and share more about my daily/personal life.

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Smug Girlfriends & Single Hos

Everybody knows that one person on the Internet that is obnoxiously vocal about their relationship status. Whether they are taken, single, or forever alone, there are certain people who log into their social media accounts and feel the need to broadcast the current state of their love life.


Image by Lee Ann L. via Flickr.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to shame anyone for their social media habits. I just find it absolutely fascinating, the lengths people will go let everyone know what is going down. I personally have always been very private about my love life. Even when I try to share more I still end up feeling vague. Perhaps I’m better off that way, but that doesn’t change my deep interest in other people’s lives.

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Watch Us Live And Stuff Break-Up

It’s startling how vicious people can be on the internet. A group of people could be telling you how much they love you and look up to you one minute but totally tear you to shreds at the drop of a hat.

Kalel and Anthony, two very popular vloggers on YouTube, dated for about four years and shared a YouTube channel Watch Us Live And Stuff. Over the year and a half they spent vlogging they attracted almost two million very passionate subscribers. The couple was engaged, planning their dream home, and seem excited about spending their future together. However, after a month of no posts on their channel and a Instagram deep clean from Kalel, the couple announced that they broke up with each other.

Kalel living her life.

Even before the couple announced their break up some of their fans went a little bananas online. I witnessed most of the drama on Instagram where WULAS fans were screaming and speculating in the comments section of Kalel’s posts about whether or not Kalel and Anthony where going their separate ways. On top of that they were demanding that Kalel take more time to post more videos. After the couple broke the news of their break up their fans lost their minds! People were crying, pointing fingers, calling names, and claiming to have lost all hope in love.

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Unsolicited Advice

Whether it’s unkind comments on a blog, hateful anonymous messages on Tumblr., or even simply hitting the dislike button on a YouTube video, there are so many ways people to spread negativity on the internet. A few months ago I got a couple of somewhat negative comments here on Loitering Lion. To commemorate this momentous occasion I would like to discuss why it’s completely unnecessary to target total strangers with your words on the internet. Or ever.


Image by hellojenuine via Flickr.

Now I realize that perhaps some of you think you’re doing others a service by giving them your remark but before you hit the POST/SUMBIT/SEND button take a moment to think it through. Will this person really gain anything by hearing your opinion? If you’re saying something kind then the answer is yes because you could brighten their day and make them feel better about themselves. If your comment is unkind in even the slightest degree then you should keep your mouth shut.

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