Day to Day Makeup Routine

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a beauty post so I figure I would jump back into it with my basic day-to-day routine. These days I aim for light and natural. I think it’s very popular in this day and age to cake on layer on top of layer, which is fine! I’m not judging, though it’s not the look for me. Anyway, the elements of my typical makeup look:

Image by nicksarebi via Flickr.

  • BB Cream/ Light to Medium Coverage Foundation – Mostly because my skin does not have noticeable blemishes most days and I feel like it would be a shame to cover up the freckles that are dusted on my cheeks.Read More »

I’m In Masters!

I can’t believe I’ve been in school for 7 months! I’m finally at the stage in the program where I’m on the floor doing hair all day every day until my graduation! I’m actually under the impression that my graduation date will also be my 23rd birthday but nothing has been confirmed yet so don’t take my word for it.

So much has changed for me since I started school. I can pull some really clean lines in my hair cuts, I’m neat with color application, and I get faster at both every day! It drags being at school for 11-12 hour days but when I have a guest in my chair I have a lot of fun which is how I know I’m in the right place.

Cosmetology school has been REALLY testing me but I can already tell that I’m becoming a much more well rounded and strong person. I’m excited to see who I’ll be when I graduate!

Back On Track

I’m excited to be struck with the inspiration to jump back on the ol’ blog and get to publishing again. The inspiration came at JUST the right time because my URL subscription was about to renew and I was actually considering nixing the blog altogether but NOPE. If you’ve been keeping up with me over the years you know I always come back!

I’ve missed working on my blog but I’ve been very preoccupied with school, work/career,  and the various mental breakdowns that always find their way back in my life! On the bright side, I’ve already hit rock bottom for the year and things are starting to look up. Actually things are actively being up. I’m just excited to have the breakdown band aid ripped off! I have all of my ducks in order and I’m good to go!

Moving on…

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Finding Balance In My Routine

(This post was originally written in December 2016 but I forgot to post it)

It’s been a minute since I have had time to sit down and get a blog post written but WOW has a lot happened! Most of my time has been going into school: attending, studying, and practicing. I’ve also been busy trying to sort out my job situation…my coffee shop job wasn’t as school friendly as I’d hoped (for what I needed, at least) so I’ve been doing applications and interviews to line something new up for me.


Image by Anders Printz via Flickr.

I’ve been really wrapped up in trying to find balance in my work/school schedule and with the past couple of weeks off I’ve been able to stop, spend some time on myself, and reflect on how I can get through the rest of my school year without having emotional breakdowns several times a week (I’ve been STRESSED, guys).Read More »

Locking My Accounts

I finally did the grown up thing and locked up my social media accounts. By that I mean after about 5 years of trying to get as many people to follow me online as possible I’ve decided to give up the fight and turn all of my accounts to private.

 Image by mmartinsson via Flickr.

Now that I’m in school I’ve been thinking long and hard about my future career, professionalism, and how I present myself online. I don’t think I’ve done anything particularly embarrassing online but I think it’s better safe than sorry so I locked up my accounts. My future clients don’t need to know my personal business and quite frankly future coworkers don’t need to know either.Read More »

Keeping Up With My Cosmo Kit

I feel like I end up fiddling with my cosmetology kit at least once a day. At least. There are so many tools, most in which I haven’t used or don’t know how to use (or use well). I remember the first week of having my kit, it felt like stumbling through the jungle every time I snuck a peek. Cords and bristles all over the place like vines and thorns.

During week two of having my cosmetology kit it started to feel a little more familiar. I still didn’t know how sort through it but at least I kinda knew what I was looking at. The biggest issue was figuring out (through trial and error) how to meneuver my massive bag from home to car to school to car to home. I spent more time than I’d like to admit tottering though cold dark parking lots trying to get out of the rain. It’s hard to protect a bag from the elements that’s half my size! I had to jump over puddles and dodge cars but I survived!Read More »

I Started My Classes!

After months and months of waiting I finally started cosmetology school!

my cosmetology kit

So far I’ve only been in school for a week, which has been an orientation week. I get to meet and get comfortable with the other girls in my class (from what I understand most classes usually have a guy or two but mine just so happens to be all girls). Orientation also gave me the opportunity to get used to walking around campus, clocking in and out, getting to school on time (traffic in Austin is BRUTAL and my school is strict about tardiness), and get know know the company behind the school a little bit.Read More »


As I get closer and closer to the end of 2016 I feel like I have less and less time. My work schedule is opposite of my boyfriend’s, all of my friends live on the other side of town, and I’m constantly trying to keep my energy up. It’s been a lot to take on and for the first time in my life I’ve really had to start prioritizing the different elements in my life.


Image by orion_Katerina via Flickr.

The first battle for me is finding a happy medium between sleep and how I use my energy throughout the day. I get exhausted really easily so I have to be mindful of getting plenty of sleep, working out but not too much, clocking in enough hours at work, and making sure I keep up with maintaining my apartment. I honestly couldn’t do it without the option of coffee in the morning and melatonin at night to make sure I’m awake during the appropriate hours and sleeping when I need to. I try not to be too dependent on either but they have been useful in the past month.Read More »

Beauty School Tours Experience

Since the last cosmetology school I was planning on attending shut down overnight I’ve had to start my search for my education all over again from square one. I decided to tour a couple of schools before I chose one to commit two, and the experience was a little more bizarre than I thought it’d be.


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

The first tour I went on was with Aveda. My roommate from college, Krista, went to Aveda pretty high on my list (it probably should have been on top of my list in the first place). The building was huge, modern, and very clean. The school had a very calm and comfortable feel to it. The enrollment representative I spoke with was kind and very transparent about the school, finances, and the enrollment process. At the end of my tour I even got a handful of Aveda product samples, free headphones, and a coupon for a free haircut, facial, or mani-pedi at the school. Overall, it was a very positive experience that left me excited and a little jittery about starting school.

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How A Beauty School Almost Ruined My Life

Over the past couple of months I’ve been working getting enrolled into a cosmetology school. I’d zeroed in on one school in particular, Regency Beauty Institute,  and was going through the process of setting up financial aid when — POOF — the school shut down literally overnight!


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

It’s not a huge surprise to me that school shut down considering how much of a hard time they were giving me and my dad about money. Even when I was planning on start school in January they were rushing me to do the financial aid process in August. Even when I took the tour, which was only 10 minutes long, they immediately launched me into the application process.Read More »