Catfishing & Identity Theft

The longer the MTV show Catfish is on the air the more questions pop into my head about how legal catfishing should be. Sure stealing someone’s photos and pretending to look like them sounds pathetic but harmless but there are some issues that pop up.


Image by Steve Snodgrass via Flickr.

There have been incidents that I’ve seen both on the show and in real life where people not only use photos of people to catfish but also the names of that person. To me, I’d be upset if someone was using my photos but I feel like it’s crossing a line if someone was using my name, too. On a level that’s identity theft, which is ILLEGAL.

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How Fast Is Too Fast In A Relationship?

How fast is too fast in a relationship? I guess relationship questions never exist in a vacuum because of all the factors that feed into an answer change from person to person. I don’t think there really is a such thing as “too fast” or “too slow” but that’s easy  for me to say since I was a serious level jumper at the beginning of my current relationship.


Image by Wan Mohd via Flickr.

Austin and I committed to a relationship six days after our first date, which seems like a pretty normal start. We told each other that we loved each other…maybe two weeks after meeting (if even). We spent as much time as possible together for six months until we finally were able to move in together. Now six months after the big move here we are passing our one year anniversary.

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Long Lost Friends

Last week at work the most bizarre thing happened. A long lost friend of mine showed up and requested a table. I’m a host at a restaurant so asking for a table wasn’t strange, it was seeing her again in the first place. I live in a major city and the odds of running into someone I know are really slim, even within the same neighborhood. On top of that I’ve moved a lot over the years so I don’t expect to see people once I move on.


Photo by Vivian Lee via Flickr.

I’m not even sure if my long lost friend recognized me. She spoke very quickly and when she came back to the host stand to ask about her table she talked to my co worker instead of me. I didn’t take that personally. Either she didn’t recognize me or she didn’t want me to recognize her, which is understandable.

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Anxiety & Dates

I’m not a particularly anxious person, but a couple of weeks ago I’ve had to deal with it head on. Extreme anxiety is one of those concepts that doesn’t sound realistic until you experience first hand. It’s hard to believe that there are people to who suffer from anxiety on a daily basis. I only had to deal with it for a week and it was pretty concerning.

Now what, you may ask, caused me to drown in my own anxiety for a week? I had a date. I know! It sounds silly when you take a step back from the situation but you need to understand that I used to be extremely shy. It this point in my life I’ve managed to somehow evolve into an extrovert (according to the Myers Briggs test) and as a result I’ve gotten a lot better at socializing and making friends. In fact, most people can’t imagine me ever having issues interacting with people at any point because I’ve gotten so good at it.

So, I can make friends as easily as breathing but on the other hand I have little to no experience with dealing with people in any romantic context whatsoever. Most guys who ask me out are automatically shut down because I’m picky as hell and have no problem being cold (sometimes that doesn’t even work!). But, for once in my life, I decided to take a chance and go out on a date.

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Procrastination…Don’t Do It

A few weeks ago I had my life together. I had a solid sleeping schedule, a to-do list that was constantly being shortened (and simultaneously growing), and the constant feeling of being extremely productive. I can’t say the same for myself today. I took a week off from my responsibilities and I sit here regretting it deeply. I had such great habits going for me and now I must rebuild them. What a drag!

144251306_03d289b8eb_bImage by Ashley Fisher via Flickr.

If you’re trying to achieve a goal in your life it’s best that you never put it down. If you look away from it for even a moment you could just as well lose your momentum. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break, but you always need to stay in motion. Get back on the horse as soon as you planned, if not sooner.

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The Grey Area

When it comes to socializing I seem to do pretty OK most days. I’m great at getting to know people and making friends. I’m a bit of a talkaholic so it’s not often that I run out of things to say. However, there’s something about the way I socialize that’s a little off. It’s not the way I treat people, but the way I categorize them in my head.

14699327323_d5069a7ab6_oImage by Florida Memory via Flickr.

I have a tendency to see relationships in black and white. This person is my friend, this person in my enemy, I like this person, I’m cool with that person…I leave no room for any grey area. Unfortunately for me, the reality is humans are nothing but grey area.

So, what do I do when someone I know escapes from their neat little category? What happens when relationships eventually (and inevitably) evolve?

I panic.

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Fear Of Judgement

One thing that I’ve noticed about the world lately is that many, many people are extremely afraid of what other people think of them. Yes, I recognize that this is not by any means new information but I wanted to discuss specifically how this fear of judgement holds people back from doing what they want and prevents them from being all that they can be.

I used to be a Cameron but now I’m a Ferris.

(source) (source)

What will people think of me? WHO CARES?? Most of the people you meet may never see you again. So why does it matter what they think of you and what you choose to do with your life? There is no use giving other people that much power over you. Try not to live your life according to what you think other people want. Live your life the way you want to live it.

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Keep On Blogging!

I spend an insane amount of time sifting through blogs. I follow a couple of blogger retweet accounts and I wander around on Blog Lovin on a regular basis. It’s mind-boggling how many blogs exist out there! HOLY COW. It’s a massive sea and it’s so easy to feel small and inadequate in the vast amount of people on the web. There are a few things I’ve noticed, however, about the bloggersphere that I thought I should mention. Food for thought, I suppose.


Sometimes I will find myself puzzled, and a little miffed, by the number of followers some of the blogs pick up in such a short amount of time. I ask myself WHY on many occasions. Loitering Lion has a nice following but I’ve been working on this for over a YEAR. Some of these bloggers have been blogging for a month or two. What is their secret?? I figured it out. From what I understand, people have a tendency to flock towards what they know rather than something new or different. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not trying to throw shade at anyone! I’m just trying to be real right now. It’s easier to build a following if a blog is easily fit into a category. Loitering Lion, for example, is many things but putting a label of a specific genre of blog is tricky (if not impossible). But, WHO CARES if my blog doesn’t fit perfectly into any categories? Having a unique blog may take more time to get off of the ground but the supporters you do end up attracting will be much more diverse! Variety is a wonderful thing. Who needs a million readers right off the bat when you’re having fun? I like to enjoy the people who support me in the moment.

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The Perks of Being Single

I cannot tell you how many people I come across on a daily basis that are constantly thirsting for companionship. They want friendship, love, sex, and romance wrapped up into one flawless human being topped off with devilishly good looks. People want the solution to all of their problems.

Well I hate to break it to you, honey, but relationships don’t exactly work that way. Honestly, you’re probably better off on your own. Or not. Either way, you life will feel much less miserable if you learn  how to be single. You can start by learning and accepting the perks of being single.

1) Freedom – You would not  BELIEVE how time consuming relationships are. So much commitment. So many compromises! When you’re single you have all the time in the world to focus on YOU. Enjoy the freedom and enjoy the personal space!

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