Horrors and Thrillers

A very little know fact about me is that I enjoy horror and thriller films. A very well known fact about me is that I’m a complete paranoid scardy cat. Do you see how those two facts don’t mix?


Image by David Ohmer via Flickr.

Yes, deep down I really do enjoy horror and thriller films, but I don’t usually get to enjoy them because I’m so easily scared that the nightmare follow me for weeks. Even when I’m home with my boyfriend I still worry about seeing shadows that look too human-like, or boogeymen in my closet. Read More »

Paranormal Halloween 2015

This year I had Halloween-y plans for every single weekend of the month, but every single idea I had fell through. How is that even possible? From fresh tattoos to bad weather, something always came up. Despite the setbacks I managed to get some Halloween fun in this year.

Week 1 – I visited the massive Spirit Halloween in an abandoned shopping center in San Marcos, Texas. Spirit Halloween is a chain of Halloween stores that pop up only during the month of October. My boyfriend had never been to one so we made the trip down to SM (there’s one in Austin, too, but it’s cramped and when we went this one little hipster dude followed us through the whole store).

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Spider-Man Movie Collection

The day has finally come! I own all of the Spider-Man movies!

spiderman dvd

As you may know by now I’m a bit of a nut for superheroes, Spider-Man and Batman being my top two. Over the past year and a half on Loitering Lion I’ve expressed my love for Spider-Man in many ways, from freaking out about seeing the latest installment of the film series in IMAX to getting a heart-shaped Spider-Man tattooed to my wrist. After all of the hoopla it’s only appropriate that I own all of the films (as well as every piece of Spider-Man merch known to the human race). I owe my sister, Mimi, a huge THANK YOU since she is the one who gave me all of these!

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Saw Halloween 2014

After a month drenched in orange, purple, green, and black I finally made it back to Halloween weekend. Last year I dressed up like a zombie and decided to have a life so I decided to keep up the tradition. This year was a blast! It all started on Thursday, October 30th.

Thursday, October 30

Halloween OreosThe day before Halloween ended up being dedicated to finishing up my preparations for the big day. My roommate, Teri, and I went to the outlet malls in our town to A) finish putting together her costume and B) treat my self to some shopping after a month of hard work getting my finances sorted out. I bought a few really awesome things, but I think the only Halloween thing I bought were the orange Halloween Oreos. My personal favorite! Shopping was a ton of fun and when we got back to our apartment I immediately had to start packing for my trip to Austin. This year I wanted to spend Halloween with my sister, Mimi, and was catching a ride with a good friend of mine. Nahomy and her boyfriend picked me up around 8PM and we got to catch up a bit over dinner. It was really nice to see her again and to finally meet her boyfriend of eleven months. I made it home around 10PM and got to cuddle with my cats. I freaking love cats!

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Review: Man of Steel

I know, I know. I’m a little late on this one. Man of Steel was released on June 14, 2013, but I never got around to seeing the film the theater. I was interested in seeing it because Christopher Nolan wrote the story and produced the film, but I didn’t see it because I just didn’t get around to it. I’ll be straightforward with you I’m not the biggest Superman fan on Earth (in fact I really wasn’t a fan at all). However, my roommate is in love with Superman so it was only a matter of time before we sat down and watched Man of Steel.



It was interesting to learn more about Superman, but it felt like the filmmakers tried to cram a trilogy worth of information into one film. I looked away from the movie for two minutes and they managed to move to a whole other planet! I understand that DC wants to address Superman as a character quickly so we can move on to the Batman/Superman crossover, but come on. Let’s not rush the storyline.

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Review: Thor: The Dark World

This November Thor and his pals are going on a new adventure! One that is sad, cruel, and pretty freaking depressing. Thor, as angsty as we’ve ever seen him before, must save his crush (girlfriend? true love?) from being consumed by an evil force of energy while trying to keep a pack of evil elves from throwing the universe back into eternal darkness. And Loki gets involved, for some reason.


There were multiple elements that rubbed me the wrong way with this film. In the past several Marvel films the tesseract has been hyped up as the most powerful energy force in all of the universe but in Thor: TDW there’s suddenly an equally, possibly more, powerful force (this dark matter/venom lookin’ thing). Furthermore, of all of the trillions of people in all of the 9 realms the ONE PERSON who happened to stumble into this dark matter/venom force just so happened to be Thor’s kinda-girlfriend. The evil elves had creepy masks which was a nice touch, but it was cancelled out by how stupid their revenge plan was (or whatever kind of plan it was). Not to mention the fact that the final battle took place ON EARTH. WHY DOES ALL OF THE CRAZY STUFF JUST SO HAPPEN TO OCCUR ON EARTH. I know why. Because the writers of the film/comics are humans and we humans have a tendency to believe the ENTIRE UNIVERSE revolves around us. We are a spec of dust in the grand scheme of things. If we were that much trouble to the rest of the universe the other realms could just nuke us (or whatever their equivalent is).

Don’t look at me. Seriously, you creepy elves.


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