On November 1st, 2017 my husband and I ran off and got married! This is not news to the people who know me personally however this is definitely an important event in my life that I would like to chronicle on my website.

Image by Derek Key via Flickr.

I was really surprised about getting married last year because it was my husband’s idea…even though he was super set on doing a traditional ceremony with our families there. It was been my dream since I was a little girl to elope…a strange dream, I know, but as I’m sure you’ve noticed as a reader I’m a little on the strange side in general. I’m still not entirely sure why Austin changed his mind so suddenly but I will say the two of us overcame A LOT of obstacles last year and I think the fact that we came out of it stronger than ever left both of us feeling ready to be married.Read More »

Halloween Coloring Books

I made a trip to Target the other day and stumbled across the most amazing thing in the dollar section! Halloween coloring books! Of course I had to get all of them (what, they were only a dollar each!). One of them is even a mini one that came with 25 Halloween stickers.

The coloring books are so cute, and as it turns out I’m not half bad at coloring. I know, I know: yet another skill to add to the ol resume. I love using orange, purple, and green but I’m also trying to branch out with different colors.Read More »

Making My Own Adult Decision As An Adult

I woke up one day and realized I’m 22 in my own apartment. I have a car and I can drive. Anywhere I want! I have a cat that I’m take care of. I take care of a living thing! I can buy cheap pink wine from Walmart for myself. Also I’m engaged! I convinced a man to not only date me, but to date me for the rest of my life!


Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr.

I’m not sure when this happened. Looking back on my older posts on this blog: the ramblings of a naive 18 year old getting ready to graduate from high school, the ramblings of a a weird, depressed 20 year old in a weird depressing little town, and now a functioning 22 year old adult with even more issues BUT I look better and I have more fun. My blog is pink now, too, instead of yellow which for me was a big deal when I first rebranded…

I’m going off on a bizarre tangent.Read More »

Game Notes & Shit Notebook

I’ve always been a creative person and with that I always have a notebook on stand-by should I be hit with a wave of inspiration. For the past couple of years I’ve been used paper moleskin books, usually of the pastel variety. However, I wans’t very consistant with filling them out. I hop books a lot, and wouldn’t jot down all of my ideas in the same spot, usually leading them to be lost.

I think I’ve finally found a remedy: personalizing my notebooks. My first notebook with this idea in use is my Game Notes & Shit notebook which I initially started because I play 1000 different games on my DS and I never remember what I was doing in game when I finally float back to it. I figure if I manually write down notes I can come back and use them as a reference in the future.

I know, it’s dorky as hell BUT it led to a super cool notebook.Read More »

The Point of Engagement

This may come off sounding really silly but after being engaged for a solid 8 months I’m just now realizing the point of engagement. Fun fact about me: I am the type of person who would elope if I were given the chance. But my fiancé really wants to do the whole wedding thing so I will push aside my spontaneous tendencies for once in my life and cooperate.


Image by Judy Dean via Flickr.

That’s neither here nor there. What I’m getting at is that I was never one to spend much time thinking about weddings much less being engaged: if fact up until now I though engagement was just a weird excuse to put off something I would rather do ASAP.Read More »

T – One Year!

As of today it’s officially one year until Austin and my wedding! It’s such a crazy feeling because when we first got engaged it felt like a two year engagement would drag on and on. In reality it flew by!

Image by Susan 402 via Flickr.

Austin and I have both been really busy with work and school to really think too hard about our wedding much less jumping into planning mode. I guess we should start soon! This year slipped right past us. I have a really strong really this upcoming year will, as well.Read More »

I Have A Twin

I think the technical term is “Irish Twin” in our case but indeed I do have a twin. Well, I have my little sister, Mimi, who’s only 11 months younger than me. We were raised as twins, though, with matching outfits (I was always in blue and she was always in pink) and mostly all the same friends growing up.


Image by Jared via Flickr.

As we’ve evolved into grown ups (wut.) our connection has stayed just as strong, if not only gotten stronger. My sister has always been very sweet and innocent, much like a little baby, but as she’s grown she has become such a source of strength and support in my life. She just gets me. We’re pretty much always on the same page.Read More »

Exploring the Library

When I was younger one of the only things I was allowed to do outside of the house was go to the library. I loved to walk through the shelves and see which books would catch my eye. I feel like while I was at the library it was one of the rare moments I could be alone and completely in my own space.


Image by Steven Harris via Flickr.

A few weeks ago I made a trip back to the library for the first time in more than 10 years. I really don’t know what it is about the library…maybe it’s because it’s one of the only public spaces where silence is actually encourage. Maybe it’s the rooms full of endless knowledge. The way a library books smells when you crack it open…I just really love the library.Read More »

September Is Here!

I have been so excited though all of August about September coming up. In the past September has been a waste of a month with nothing to look forward to except for the arrival of Halloween goods at Target. This year is different because September marks the one year count down to my wedding!


Image by Robert Sheie via Flickr.

I don’t remember if I ever mentioned it on my blog but my wedding date is set for September 20th, 2018! Austin and I have a venue lined up and a guest list in the works…that’s about it. I think Austin is working on designing the invitations and save the dates…I have an idea of where to go for a dress…hm. We have quite a bit of work to do!Read More »

Flowers & Pink & Caring Too Much

This year has brought on many new experiences for me, most nightmare-ish and just plain sad. Through all of my experiences, however, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know myself better than I ever had before and the opportunity to grow into a stronger version of myself. One thing I have learned about myself is that I care too much.


Image by Mario César via Flickr.

I care too much about literally everything. I’m the type of person who is incredibly empathetic towards everyone in my life, whether they are a close friend or an acquaintance. I care about the people that are currently in my life and the people I haven’t seen in literally 10 years.Read More »