Wishlist #2

wishlist 21. Cotton Candy Scented Candle from Target – This candle is by far the best I’ve ever owned! Of course it has to be on my wishlist. The smell is light and sweet, but not so sweet that its sickening. It’s the perfect candle. I’m so worried Target will stop selling these guys before I have to chance to stock up.

2. Giant Katy Perry Posters in Teenage Dream and California Gurls – I’ve mentioned these GIANT Katy Perry posters in the My Own Apartment post it’s still on my mind! I still haven’t decided which poster to get (my walls are too small for both. Either way, the giant Katy Perry poster is going to happen.

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My Own Apartment

Yes! I finally moved in to my own apartment!

I technically got the keys at the beginning of May but all I did was throw my boxes into my room and run back to my dad’s house for a couple of weeks. Now I’m back and about 90% unpacked and my new roommate is AMAZING (I have great luck with roommates apparently).

My bed

I’ve calmed down a lot since I’ve getting into my own place. For the past week or so I’ve been completely freaking out about my future and what my plan is (I have many half plans and I’m not sure which ones to flesh out). There is so much pressure to do certain things with my life that I never really stopped to seriously ask myself about what I want to do and where I want to be in 5-10 years from now. Who do I want to be?

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Katy Perry Remixes Playlist

As you all should know by now I’m obsessed with a handful of Katy Perry Remixes by Johnson Somerset and John Monkman. Their remixes have been in my Recently Played playlist consistently for a solid three months now. I’M IN LOVE WITH THESE REMIXES, OKAY? Just listen to them!

katy perry remixes albums

Anyway, the other day I decided that I wanted to make a hard copy of the remix album (it’s not an official album so I just organized a playlist with all of the songs) so I’ll never lose the tracks. Also, I’ve been really into hard copies of CDs lately so it would be a nice addiction to my little collection. I found the Katy Perry picture online and designed (and made) the album artwork myself.

blue album pink album

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Prismatic Tour + Avicii

Did you know that I’m a massive Katy Perry fan? Did you?? Well, I am! Guess what else?



Ever since I saw Part of Me, Perry’s concert film, I’ve been DYING to see her perform live. Her fun songs, crazy costumes, and elaborate backdrops make me want to scream and dance! AHH! I really could go on all day about all of the reasons why I adore Katy Perry but I’ll spare you. The least I can do, though, is introduce you to the Katy Perry remixes by Johnson Somerset and John Monkman. AMAZING! I’ve been listening to these tracks consistently for months. I’ll give you the list of songs in order of which I love them.

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