Getting My Natural Hair Color Back

I’ve been dyeing my hair different colors since I was 16 and now, at 21, the day has finally come: I want my natural hair color back. But of course, like any other time I’ve dealt with changing hair colors, getting my natural color back is not as simple of a process as I originally thought.


Image by Marcel Nuernberger via Flickr.

Earlier this year I wanted to have light brown hair so I bleached my hair in an attempt to get the color I wanted. It turns out that I look ok with light brown hair but the shade never came out quite like I wanted and it ended up fading back to orange before I knew it.

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Orange Hair!

I did the thing that I do where I get a “bright” idea and run with it. This week it was the classic “I want a new hair color and I’m going to completely change it overnight in the comfort of my own home with box dyes”. CLASSIC AMANDA. You would think that after all of the hair fiascos I’ve experienced with similar plans that MAYBE I would have learned my lesson but you were wrong!


Photo by Softness via Flickr.

This time around my plan was to lighten my hair from dyed black to light brown. It’s a new season and I’m in a new phase in my life so I figured it would be good to mix up my look. Perhaps I should’ve gone to a professional, though, to avoid potential blows to my self-esteem.

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Dyed Black Hair

Over the years I’ve dyed my hair countless of colors, and through it all I feel like black is the best hair color on me. Some may argue that black isn’t much different than my natural dark brown color but try walking around without your mascara on and see how you feel. It has a very similar effect. Black hair makes my messy, greasy locks appear edgy instead of gross. It makes my shittly straightened hair look stylish instead of unkempt. It really pulls my whole I Hate The World look together.


Photo by Lauren Rushing via Flickr.

With the New Year quickly approaching, however, I’m considering going for a new look in 2016. I’m not sure what color I would want to dye my hair next, but since I’ve dyed it so much over the years I’m going to wait until my hair has grown out to completely brown again before I dye it again. I’m a pretty impatient person though so we’ll see how long I last with that.

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Back To Fun Hair Colors!

It’s been almost a year since I dyed my hair black, and although I still love the color I decided it’s finally time to mix things up and go for a new color. I tried doing pink again back in December which turned out horribly but I learned from my mistakes.


This time I didn’t skip any steps. My hair started off pretty long (for me) and it was about time for me to get a haircut anyway. Instead of going for my usual trim I got most of my hair cut off. It was an amazing experience having a stylist straight up shaving the sides and back of my hair off. I got a lot taken off the top, too, which was necessary because I had to get rid of as much of the dyed black hair.

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Hair Color Disaster!

It’s been right around seven months since the last time I changed my hair color. Black is a great hair color because it matches everything, it’s the easiest color to maintain, and it can make you look edgy and sophisticated at the same time.

Yesterday I was feeling antsy decided to dye my hair back to pink. I was skeptical in the first place but I followed through because I wanted to take a risk and see how things went.

Long story short: it ended horribly.

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Taking Care Of Temporarily Dyed Hair Tips

Over the past four months I have done a lot of experimenting with temporary hair dyes. I’ve used different brands and colors, including bleaches, in order to gain a healthy amount of experience in the field of temporary colors. I’ve also seen others struggle with getting the most out of their color. Well, I have some good news for you! I’m here to share my tips on how to maintain temporary hair color for as long as possible.


Don’t Wash Your Hair! – It may seem gross, but with the right products it’ll actually end up being healthier for your hair. Instead of shampooing your hair every night use dry shampoo. When I dye my hair with permanent dyes I typically wash my hair every other day, however with temporary dyes I was my hair every four days. Dry shampoo will help you immensely! Not to mention all of the time you’ll save by not having to straighten your hair as frequently.

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Review: Manic Panic Flash Lightning Bleach Kit

As I’m sure everyone on the entire planet is aware of, I have pink hair. It was a long process that took a lot of patience (which I apparently lack) and it wouldn’t have been possible to achieve without a great bleach kit.

Manic Panic Flash Lightning Bleach Kit

I had not used any Manic Panic products before I decided to go pink so I really had no idea what to expect. I heard many good things about Manic Panic (it was always the products the cool kids used back when cool kids still existed) so I decided to jump right in and go Manic Panic 100%!

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Review: Garnier Ultra Color Hair Dye

Dyeing hair a fun and easy way to freshen up your look. At-home hair dye kits can be found at most grocery or drug stores are typically easy to use. There are so many colors and brands to choose from, however, and it can quickly become overwhelming to figure out what to buy. What can you do, though, other than read a couple reviews online, grab a box and hope for the best.

Recently, I tried to color my hair with Garnier’s Ultra Color in Golden Brown B3. I read through some reviews and got some mixed responses. Some people said they loved the product, and others claimed to hate it. I have dark hair, even after I dye it, so I decided to give Ultra Color a shot and see what is could do for my hair.




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