Fresh Style

After scanning the shelves of Forever 21 and H&M over and over again I’m starting to realize that I’m over these stores. As time goes on I find it harder to find anything I would want to wear in these stores. Absolutely nothing matches my style. The question comes up: where do I shop now?


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

The issue with stores like Forever 21 is that it’s quick fashion. They have a ton of clothes that they throw on the shelves but none of it is new or fresh. These stores follow shitty internet and celebrity trends. I don’t want to dress like Kylie Jenner! I want to dress like me!

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Black Friday Star Wars Haul

For the first time in my life I went out on Thursday night and stood in line at my local Target in the rain for Black Friday like the American trash that I am. I had a few things to pick up and I needed a break from being at home, ok??

star wars joggers

I only picked up a few things, but they’re pretty cool if you ask me. I got a couple of Star Wars joggers that I’ve been eyeing for months. My favorite pair is the one with the darker gray and the little logo on the top left corner. They’re both comfy and I enjoy them, especially in this colder weather.

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Musings Of A Modern Mermaid: Mermaidens

If you’re interested in pastels and¬†ridiculously cute style then I have the perfect blog for you to check out today. Kailey is a pastel clad style blogger from Portland, Oregon who is behind the rapidly growing website, Mermaidens, I contacted Kailey and asked her a few questions about style, creativity, and what it’s like being a style guru.


Kailey was initially inspired to start blogging because she wanted an outlet for her creative endeavors. Mermaidens started as a DIY clothing blog and eventually evolved into one about Kailey’s personal style. She finds inspiration for blog posts from old movies, cartoons, her friends, and desserts which all shines through her style.

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