I’m Engaged!!

Despite being an avid blogger I’m not huge on posting about my life on social media so I figure if I’m going to announce such an important milestone it might as well be on the good ol’ blog. Over my little holiday break my boyfriend proposed to me! I’m engaged!

On our year and half anniversary we went down to San Marcos, Texas where we first met and did some shopping at the outlet malls. I made quite a haul and had an amazing time walking around with Austin. Despite being pretty full from our breakfast (we stopped by Snooze, a local brunch spot in Austin and enjoyed some quality eggs Benedict) we went to the coffee shop where we first met and grabbed lattes and a snack.

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Joker Halloween 2016

In 2013 was about zombies, 2014 was about Saw, 2015 was paranormal, and the latest addition to my Halloween series the The Joker!

Unfortunately, this year was really quiet for me. I’ve been so wrapped up in life that I didn’t take time to do anything Halloween-y. I worked on Halloween night and went into work as The Joker which was pretty cool (and maybe a little questionable considering all of the crazy clowns on the streets these days…).Read More »

Traditional Relationships

When I was 18 and leaving the nest I spent a lot of time getting to know myself as a person and thinking about the kind of person I wanted to be in the future. I thought about what I wanted for myself, including my expectations for potential relationships. One thing I never considered was me being in a traditional relationship in any shape or form.


Image by vic xia via Flickr.

I understand that most things in life are on a spectrum, especially human characteristics. When I was first stepping out into the world I saw myself in a “non-traditional” relationship in the sense that I would be completely dependent on my own personal finances, I would split cleaning and cooking 50/50 with my partner, I’d still rock my little mini skirts and crop tops, and I’d NEVER have a wedding. I didn’t even thinking I’d be in a serious relationship until I was at least 27 (very specific I know but I had a lot of free time to think these things through).

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Austin & Amanda Sitting In A Tree (Literally)

I can officially say I’ve sat in a tree in real life with a crush of mine (if that’s what you can call it at this point…well over a year into the relationship), though whether or not we kissed is nobodies business!

A few weeks ago it was Austin’s birthday so I took him to Cypress Valley Canopy Tours in Spicewood, Texas to take a zip line tour as well as stay the night in a cozy little cabin tree house. Before I launch into the whole story YES it was as peaceful, adventurous, fun, romantic, and daring as it sounds!

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We Just Wanted Some F*cking Pancakes

A few days ago, after a long day at work, I finally got home around 8:30 pm. Despite the time, Austin and I decided to venture out to enjoy some late-night pancakes. Typically we would just go to the closet Kerbey Lane Cafe but we wanted to mix things up and go to Magnolia Café (which is honestly just Kerbey Lane, just a little more quirky).


Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr.

Our trek was going smoothly until we ran into traffic on the highway when we were only four stops away from our exit. Eventually we finally got off the highway and started making our way to Magnolia.

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Exiting The Honeymoon Phase

I’ve been in a (very) serious relationship for the past year and I’m finally coming face to face with the end of the Honeymoon Phase. It’s a concept that I’d been warned about back in high school when the shininess of a relationship faded fast. Since then I’ve had very little experience with this phenomenon. Needless to say, I don’t date much and therefore have no idea what to expect from this upcoming new phase in my relationship.


Image by Charlene N Simmons via Flickr.

It’s a bit difficult to ask around for advice since relationships grow and evolve in different ways are there is no real way to know how to go about…how do I even describe it?

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How Fast Is Too Fast In A Relationship?

How fast is too fast in a relationship? I guess relationship questions never exist in a vacuum because of all the factors that feed into an answer change from person to person. I don’t think there really is a such thing as “too fast” or “too slow” but that’s easy  for me to say since I was a serious level jumper at the beginning of my current relationship.


Image by Wan Mohd via Flickr.

Austin and I committed to a relationship six days after our first date, which seems like a pretty normal start. We told each other that we loved each other…maybe two weeks after meeting (if even). We spent as much time as possible together for six months until we finally were able to move in together. Now six months after the big move here we are passing our one year anniversary.

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Day Trip To San Marcos

On Saturday I had the most amazing day! My boyfriend and I just past our one year anniversary and we thought it’d be fun to go visit the small town where we met, San Marcos, Texas.

We started the day off at the river. It looked pretty busy at first, but we walked a few minutes down stream and we found a beautiful spot with lots of shade and absolutely no one was around. What a treat! The water felt so great in this Texas heat. We drank a few drinks, played some music, and had some really wonderful conversations.

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Valentine’s Day 2016

This year was my first full-on classic Valentine’s Day. Getting dressed up nice, the dinner for two, gifts and cards…I had a whole Valentine’s Day weekend!

valentines card
The Valentine’s Day card I made for my boyfriend!

On Saturday, February 13th I spent the first half of the day out with shopping with my sister. I got a few odds and ends including coasters that look like tree trunks, new headbands, and Valentine’s card games for couples. The second part of the day I had a friend and her boyfriend over to hang out with Austin and me. While Austin and I waited for them to arrive we played one of the Valentine’s card games. The game mixed with wine led to me almost bursting into a lot of happy tears. I had to hold back though because we had company coming over soon. When our friends came over we drank and played board games until 2am.

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