Radio Silence

I’ve been pretty quiet online the past month but I think it’s time for me to make an attempt to come back to the good ol blog. Social Media and the news lately have been so miserable this year (for good reason) and I had to make the choice to not expose myself to it as much as I could. I have a lot on my plate, on top of the fact I have to choose my personal wellness over the drama online. I just get so upset on social media these days, and me being upset all of the time doesn’t help any one.

My little pink keyboard

I’m still going to staying pretty scarce on social media (even Snapchat…I just haven’t been in a posting mood) but I love writing and publishing blog posts has been the one thing that consistently makes me happy over the years so I don’t want to give up on it now! I’m not going to lie I thought about shutting it down for good over the past month because of so much going on in my life (and how much my life is going to change within the next couple of years) but…I LOVE WRITING. It’s an amazing hobby of mine and I know I would regret letting it go and having to start from scratch later.Read More »

Blogging On The Go

I love blogging but in the past there have been times when it’s hard for me to sit down and get posts written. A lot of times it’s because I have a lot going on in my life and it gets tricky to make time to sit down at my desk and get writing. Recently I’ve found ways to comfortably blog on the go!


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

Typically creative have certain environments in which they can get the most work done, and for me that is when I ‘m alone in the comfort of my own home usually at my desk (though sometimes I try to make it work on the couch but my power cord is too short). What what if I’m struck with inspiration while I’m about and about?Read More »

Not Utilizing My Skills

I’ve been publishing content online since I was 15, covering all sorts of mediums, like writing, drawings, and videos. There was a time that I enjoyed creating all types of posts equally but the more I’ve been blogging the more I began to favor certain mediums over others.


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

Even though I began to write more than I drew and made videos I still continued to pressure myself to utilize all of my skills by posting videos and drawings. But as I kept forcing myself to film videos and draw comics I couldn’t help but feel more and more uninspired.

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Beauty Isn’t Taboo

Do you remember back in the day when I used to write a bunch of makeup reviews and post pictures of my at-home hair dye experiments? I do, and making those posts were a lot of fun. I stopped posting about beauty so much because it started to feel a bit taboo.


Image by Michael Summers via Flickr.

I somehow convinced myself that when I posted about makeup and hair all of the time I was being shallow and that there were better topics for me to address online. But you know what? I love writing about beauty and style. Those are usually my most popular posts AND you know what?? I’m going to cosmetology school in November (I moved my start date up) so before you know it beauty and style will be my JOB.

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My Secret Project

Alright, it’s about time that I spill the beans. I’ve been working on a “secret project” for quite a while now but since it’s been at a standstill for the past two and a half years I think it’s safe for me to just throw it out there. I’ve been writing a book!


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

Back in December of 2014 I got the idea to write a book about how to make and run a blog. I get asked by so many people about how to do it and I figured it would be more helpful is I simply spit up all the information I have on paper, organize it, polish it up, and maybe make a few bucks off of it.

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Starving For Likes

When I first started blogging I had the intent that I wanted to share my thoughts, opinions, and artwork with the world. It’s a pretty simple concept that I still believe today. I’ve been on a long journey with my blog between the start of Loitering Lion in 2012 and the new chapter I’ve begun with Strawberries & Peonies now in 2016. During that time, I’ll admit, my intent got a bit skewed. The joy I had for posting on my blog turned into stress about attracting attention and an audience.


Image by Jack Lyons via Flickr.

As it turns out, stressing out about the number of people who follow me and look at my blog sucks a lot of the fun out of creating content and posting in the first place. I focused more on posting things I though other people wanted to see rather than things I enjoying making. On top of that, I pushed myself to keep up with my every other day posting schedule which at times lead to me posting a lot of bull shitty, half-assed posts.

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Brainstorm Notebooks

One habit I’ve picked up on since I started blogging is having a designated notebook for my brainstorming. Anytime I feel struck with a sense of inspiration I grab my pastel Moleskin notebook and start jotting down anything and everything that pops into my head.


Image by kylesteed via Tumblr.

Post ideas, logo sketches, to do lists, rough drafts of articles, any and every rouge thought I have I try to record in my notebook. Even if I don’t use all of the ideas right away in the future I may find myself struggling with writers block and ‘lo and behold! I have a notebook chock full of untouched ideas.

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More Blogs Please!

I love reading blogs and I feel like I don’t keep up with nearly enough. I want to read about people’s lives, travels, dreams, goals, accomplishments…I want to see more people express themselves whether it’s through writing, drawing, video, or who know what else!


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

One of the things I’m dying to see is more people in my real life creating blogs. I’m a nosey person, I’ll admit, and I love reading about what other people are up to. The more unconventional the better! Let me in on your lives!

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How To Give Your Blog A Smooth Makeover

I recently did a top to bottom makeover on my blog and I want to share a few key elements in making a smooth and swift transition.


Image by Adrian Scottow via Flickr.

1) Fresh Look – color scheme, logo, and background are the main three elements I attack when I’m working on a new look for my blog. Typically I make the logo myself in Illustrator and mess around with colors until I find the right shade. In the past I found simple backgrounds online but the past couple I had made for me. As it turns out simple pastel scallops take .02 seconds to make.

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Deleting Content

With all of the changes happening with my blog and the rebrand I’ve also been going through a lot of technical adjustments with it. Recently I had to go through ALL of my blog posts (400+ blog posts to give you an idea) and add the images that were still in my media library but decided not to show up on the blog itself. On top of the photos not showing up, MANY where missing altogether so I had to make some cuts.


Image by Jason Pope via Flickr.

I didn’t have enough time or energy to literally go through every single post so I had to cut quite a few from 2011 – 2013. I had to cut I little over 100 posts to be a little more specific. That’s around a quarter of my work from over the years that is just…gone.

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