Day to Day Makeup Routine

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a beauty post so I figure I would jump back into it with my basic day-to-day routine. These days I aim for light and natural. I think it’s very popular in this day and age to cake on layer on top of layer, which is fine! I’m not judging, though it’s not the look for me. Anyway, the elements of my typical makeup look:

Image by nicksarebi via Flickr.

  • BB Cream/ Light to Medium Coverage Foundation – Mostly because my skin does not have noticeable blemishes most days and I feel like it would be a shame to cover up the freckles that are dusted on my cheeks.Read More »

My Hair Plan 2k17

I’ve been growing out my hair for SIX MONTHS now and I’m finally coming out of the awkward over-grown pixie cut mullet-y phase. A couple of weeks ago I had a handful of my classmates cut my hair and take some of the weight out of the back and it looks and feels SO much better! Props to anyone out there with the strength to grow out a pixie cut because it’s a long and grueling process.


Image by Markus Spiske via Flickr.

So! Now that my hair looks like an actual hair cut again I’m sure you’re dying to know what my hair plan is for the rest of the year. My plan is to continue taking Hair, Skin and Nails supplements, NOT dyeing or bleaching my hair, and getting it trimmed 1/2 – 1 inch every three months or so.Read More »

Wishlist #8

It’s been a while since I’ve done a wishlist post so here’s a makeup themed one! This is just a little sneak peak into the beauty items I’ve been eyeing lately.

NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick ($6.99 each) – Honestly, I already have this item in Exotic and Baby Doll and I still feel like I need to own every other color available! This is my favorite lip product to date (it even makes me consider throwing out a ton of other less amazing lipsticks that I own).Read More »

October Ipsy 2016

This month Ipsy has delivered a perfect bag to my door step. Even the makeup bag itself is the cutest one I’ve received to date and when I opened it I was thrilled about everything I got this month.


Ciate London Fierce Flicks Eyeliner Pen ($19) – This is the first time I’ve tried a higher end eyeliner and WOW I’ve been missing out! I haven’t been super into using liquid liner lately but the pen I got is so high quality and easy to use, all it takes is a few swipes to take my look to the next level. I fully intend on buying this product as soon as the one I have dries out. Goodbye drugstore eyeliners! I just can’t do it anymore.

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Review: NYX Big & Loud Lash Primer

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a make-up review but I figured there is no better time to get back at it than now. Today I want to discuss my latest obsessions: NYX Cosmetics and eyelash primer.


Eyelash primer is a product you put on your eyelashes before you apply mascara to make your lashes look way longer. And YES it is one of the best beauty invention since the discovery of filling in eyebrows.

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Beauty Isn’t Taboo

Do you remember back in the day when I used to write a bunch of makeup reviews and post pictures of my at-home hair dye experiments? I do, and making those posts were a lot of fun. I stopped posting about beauty so much because it started to feel a bit taboo.


Image by Michael Summers via Flickr.

I somehow convinced myself that when I posted about makeup and hair all of the time I was being shallow and that there were better topics for me to address online. But you know what? I love writing about beauty and style. Those are usually my most popular posts AND you know what?? I’m going to cosmetology school in November (I moved my start date up) so before you know it beauty and style will be my JOB.

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Growing Out My Hair

Ok guys…here I am again claiming I’m going to take a stab at growing my hair out. I know! I’m sure I’ve made this decision 1000 times over but this time I feel like I’ll be more successful if I make some reasonable goals.


Image by Lauren Rushing via Flickr.

So! Instead of looking at pictures of Ariana Grande and longing for a length that I won’t get for AT LEAST a good 2 – 3 years I’m going to focus on obtaining a style that’s cute but still pretty short. I’m thinking chin length, and maybe trying some tools to get some big soft curls (instead of my usual straightened hair). Read More »

How I Primp For Less

One thing that I love to do is to spend time primping. I love to paint my nails and do my makeup even if I’m not planning on doing anything for the day. It’s just fun for me! Unfortunately, keeping my primping routine from being boring or repetitive can be pretty expensive. Over the past couple of years I’ve managed to find a way to cut down on the cost of my primping habits while keep it fun by incorporating a few elements into my monthly budget.


Photo by Melanie Levi via Flickr.

IPSY – I love makeup subscriptions! Ipsy is only $10 a month I’ve been able to try all sorts of amazing brands and products! Face masks, makeup brushes, new mascaras…I’m never bored with my makeup collection and I haven’t had the urge to splurge in MONTHS.

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