Radio Silence

I’ve been pretty quiet online the past month but I think it’s time for me to make an attempt to come back to the good ol blog. Social Media and the news lately have been so miserable this year (for good reason) and I had to make the choice to not expose myself to it as much as I could. I have a lot on my plate, on top of the fact I have to choose my personal wellness over the drama online. I just get so upset on social media these days, and me being upset all of the time doesn’t help any one.

My little pink keyboard

I’m still going to staying pretty scarce on social media (even Snapchat…I just haven’t been in a posting mood) but I love writing and publishing blog posts has been the one thing that consistently makes me happy over the years so I don’t want to give up on it now! I’m not going to lie I thought about shutting it down for good over the past month because of so much going on in my life (and how much my life is going to change within the next couple of years) but…I LOVE WRITING. It’s an amazing hobby of mine and I know I would regret letting it go and having to start from scratch later.Read More »

I’m Engaged!!

Despite being an avid blogger I’m not huge on posting about my life on social media so I figure if I’m going to announce such an important milestone it might as well be on the good ol’ blog. Over my little holiday break my boyfriend proposed to me! I’m engaged!

On our year and half anniversary we went down to San Marcos, Texas where we first met and did some shopping at the outlet malls. I made quite a haul and had an amazing time walking around with Austin. Despite being pretty full from our breakfast (we stopped by Snooze, a local brunch spot in Austin and enjoyed some quality eggs Benedict) we went to the coffee shop where we first met and grabbed lattes and a snack.

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Locking My Accounts

I finally did the grown up thing and locked up my social media accounts. By that I mean after about 5 years of trying to get as many people to follow me online as possible I’ve decided to give up the fight and turn all of my accounts to private.

 Image by mmartinsson via Flickr.

Now that I’m in school I’ve been thinking long and hard about my future career, professionalism, and how I present myself online. I don’t think I’ve done anything particularly embarrassing online but I think it’s better safe than sorry so I locked up my accounts. My future clients don’t need to know my personal business and quite frankly future coworkers don’t need to know either.Read More »

Keeping Up With My Cosmo Kit

I feel like I end up fiddling with my cosmetology kit at least once a day. At least. There are so many tools, most in which I haven’t used or don’t know how to use (or use well). I remember the first week of having my kit, it felt like stumbling through the jungle every time I snuck a peek. Cords and bristles all over the place like vines and thorns.

During week two of having my cosmetology kit it started to feel a little more familiar. I still didn’t know how sort through it but at least I kinda knew what I was looking at. The biggest issue was figuring out (through trial and error) how to meneuver my massive bag from home to car to school to car to home. I spent more time than I’d like to admit tottering though cold dark parking lots trying to get out of the rain. It’s hard to protect a bag from the elements that’s half my size! I had to jump over puddles and dodge cars but I survived!Read More »

Moving Soon (Again)

I know when I moved into my current apartment I really did intend to staying for a good two or three years AT LEAST but lo and behold! I have another moving date next week!

Moving is typically a nightmare but as I’m sure you know I’m the type of person that constantly craves change. Being flighty isn’t the only reason Austin and I decided to move at the end of our lease though.Read More »

2017 Planner

2016 was the first year in a really long time that I utilized a planner. In fact, I’m pretty sure the last time I’ve effectively used a planner was back in early high school when I get one for free from the school I attended.

Even then I don’t think I truly appreciated the  usefulness of a planner until this year when I used one to plan my work shifts, appointments, trips, and errands. So of course I had to snatch up  a pretty planner for 2017 as well!Read More »

I Started My Classes!

After months and months of waiting I finally started cosmetology school!

my cosmetology kit

So far I’ve only been in school for a week, which has been an orientation week. I get to meet and get comfortable with the other girls in my class (from what I understand most classes usually have a guy or two but mine just so happens to be all girls). Orientation also gave me the opportunity to get used to walking around campus, clocking in and out, getting to school on time (traffic in Austin is BRUTAL and my school is strict about tardiness), and get know know the company behind the school a little bit.Read More »

Strawberry Tattoo

Yes! I’m excited to be sitting here writing yet another tattoo post! I love tattoos and I find it as such a fun way for me to express who I am as a person. It’s hard to explain…but my tattoos make me feel more like myself.

my strawberry plant tattoo

Last November I get a peony tattoo that my boyfriend drew for me which I’ve been in love with ever since. In fact, that tattoo has inspired me to get a half sleeve of tattoos on my upper left arm of just flowers drawn by Austin. I’ve been waiting all year to add to it and finally I got around to adding a strawberry plant to my collection.Read More »

Catfishing & Identity Theft

The longer the MTV show Catfish is on the air the more questions pop into my head about how legal catfishing should be. Sure stealing someone’s photos and pretending to look like them sounds pathetic but harmless but there are some issues that pop up.


Image by Steve Snodgrass via Flickr.

There have been incidents that I’ve seen both on the show and in real life where people not only use photos of people to catfish but also the names of that person. To me, I’d be upset if someone was using my photos but I feel like it’s crossing a line if someone was using my name, too. On a level that’s identity theft, which is ILLEGAL.

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As I get closer and closer to the end of 2016 I feel like I have less and less time. My work schedule is opposite of my boyfriend’s, all of my friends live on the other side of town, and I’m constantly trying to keep my energy up. It’s been a lot to take on and for the first time in my life I’ve really had to start prioritizing the different elements in my life.


Image by orion_Katerina via Flickr.

The first battle for me is finding a happy medium between sleep and how I use my energy throughout the day. I get exhausted really easily so I have to be mindful of getting plenty of sleep, working out but not too much, clocking in enough hours at work, and making sure I keep up with maintaining my apartment. I honestly couldn’t do it without the option of coffee in the morning and melatonin at night to make sure I’m awake during the appropriate hours and sleeping when I need to. I try not to be too dependent on either but they have been useful in the past month.Read More »