Valentine’s Day is Around the Corner

I am a massive fan of Valentin’s Day! As soon as February hits I’m stuck with the urge to buy everyone I know a little box of chocolates. One thing I do need to get started working on is my Valentine’s Day day plans.

Image by Joe Haupt

By some miracle I have the day off on Valentine’s to that gives me the opportunity to put something together while my husband it at work. He would prefer I not spend money this year so I’m going to have to get creative. He’s making me a romantic dinner (he is REALLY good at cooking) so I really want to do something cute for him. Unfortunately, I only have a ton of Halloween decorations around the house….I went just a little overboard last year.I know I’m for sure going to buy my coworkers tiny $1 chocolate heart boxes and hand them out the week of Valentine’s…that’s only going to be $15…so maybe I can spare another $15 for Austin (what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him…except he reads my blog).

I did a surprise goodie bag for him last year that was pretty inexpensive and the year before I made him a big handmade Valentine’s card. This year I’m thinking taping hearts to the wall, streamers, a nice candle, I don’t know like a whole experience.

I need to brainstorm a little more. Of course, I will take photos and share the end results here.

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