Back At It – Hitting The Gym

I survived the holidays. I managed to not pack on too much winter weight and after a month long break after I got home from my holiday trip I’ve finally committed to getting back into my healthy habits again. I’ve dusted off the ol’ Fitbit and I’m back to hitting the gym.

Image by Thomas Hawk vis Flickr.

It’s been almost two weeks already and I’m seeing some really great results. My heart rate has gone down, my insurance has gone up and my belly is slowly but surely starting to flatten. I’m proud of my success so far and I’m looking forward to seeing more results over the next few months (who knows I may have my old beach body back…oh 2014, how I miss you so).Along with hitting the gym I’ve also started drinking more water, eating better and keeping up with a consistent sleep schedule. Overall, it was left me feeling like a refreshed version of myself. I feel more energetic in and generally in a much better mood each day (which is something that I’ve struggled with in the past).

I know it’s pretty cliche jumping back on the fitness bandwagon in the new year but whatever. I’ve been down this path before and have been successful so even if I look like a fickle New Years temp fitness junkie I’m confident in my abilities to keep up the good work throughout the entire year. More updates later!

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