Valentine’s Day is Around the Corner

I am a massive fan of Valentin’s Day! As soon as February hits I’m stuck with the urge to buy everyone I know a little box of chocolates. One thing I do need to get started working on is my Valentine’s Day day plans.

Image by Joe Haupt

By some miracle I have the day off on Valentine’s to that gives me the opportunity to put something together while my husband it at work. He would prefer I not spend money this year so I’m going to have to get creative. He’s making me a romantic dinner (he is REALLY good at cooking) so I really want to do something cute for him. Unfortunately, I only have a ton of Halloween decorations around the house….I went just a little overboard last year.Read More »

Back At It – Hitting The Gym

I survived the holidays. I managed to not pack on too much winter weight and after a month long break after I got home from my holiday trip I’ve finally committed to getting back into my healthy habits again. I’ve dusted off the ol’ Fitbit and I’m back to hitting the gym.

Image by Thomas Hawk vis Flickr.

It’s been almost two weeks already and I’m seeing some really great results. My heart rate has gone down, my insurance has gone up and my belly is slowly but surely starting to flatten. I’m proud of my success so far and I’m looking forward to seeing more results over the next few months (who knows I may have my old beach body back…oh 2014, how I miss you so).Read More »