Day to Day Makeup Routine

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a beauty post so I figure I would jump back into it with my basic day-to-day routine. These days I aim for light and natural. I think it’s very popular in this day and age to cake on layer on top of layer, which is fine! I’m not judging, though it’s not the look for me. Anyway, the elements of my typical makeup look:

Image by nicksarebi via Flickr.

  • BB Cream/ Light to Medium Coverage Foundation – Mostly because my skin does not have noticeable blemishes most days and I feel like it would be a shame to cover up the freckles that are dusted on my cheeks.Dark eyebrows – not to crisp as I do not like looking artificial, however I do enjoy dark eyebrows. I like to keep them in the brown range though I tend to go for the darkest brown I can find.
  • Neutral Eyeshadow – If I’m feeling extra festive I’ll go for pinks or oranges but a good base look for me is generally pretty simple. I prefer to emphasize other aspects of my face so I keep my eyes simple to avoid having my face look too busy.
  • Long Dark Lashes – lashes are LIFE to me, and the longer I can make them appear the better. My lashes are already pretty long but I still like to use eyelash prime to add volume and length before applying jet black mask area. Another perk of keeping my eyeshadow light and simple: the creates more emphasis on my big eyelashes.
  • Blush/Highlight/Contour – when I’m cutting corners on my makeup routine the contour is the first to go. I only do a little on the cheekbones and nose, but its more for shits and giggles rather than really elevating my look. I also do a light highlight but my favorite is blush. I like to add a little color to my face, especially because most of my look is pretty low key. I try not to over do it, but even when I go a little heavy with the blush it still seems to come off as intentional.
  • Lipstick – The main focal point of my makeup look is my lipstick. I like having fun with colors and I keep it matte, ALWAYS. My general rule of thumb is either go all out with your lips OR your eyes but never both (unless you are going out for the night I guess). I have a lot of soft pinks and neutral colors, however I am starting to play around with a few bolder looks.
  • Setting Spray – To wrap up and hold together my face I like to end with setting spray. I’m still getting the hang of not spraying it on my clothes, cat, husband, anywhere but my face. Right now I’m using a dewy spray however I feel like it would be more appropriate for spring/summer. I think matte setting spray works best in fall/winter. Good thing Texas is always 80 degrees so I can pretend it’s springtime and go for the dewy look anyway.

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