On November 1st, 2017 my husband and I ran off and got married! This is not news to the people who know me personally however this is definitely an important event in my life that I would like to chronicle on my website.

Image by Derek Key via Flickr.

I was really surprised about getting married last year because it was my husband’s idea…even though he was super set on doing a traditional ceremony with our families there. It was been my dream since I was a little girl to elope…a strange dream, I know, but as I’m sure you’ve noticed as a reader I’m a little on the strange side in general. I’m still not entirely sure why Austin changed his mind so suddenly but I will say the two of us overcame A LOT of obstacles last year and I think the fact that we came out of it stronger than ever left both of us feeling ready to be married.I will admit I’ve wanted to marry Austin for a long time but looking back I really did not understand what it meant to be married. Hell, I’ll admit it weight of being a wife didn’t hit me completely until after we tied the knot! The whole adventure is quite a long chapter that cannot be summed up in a single post so expect many more details on this in the future!

I will say that getting married was the best decision I’ve made in my life so far. Austin and I had an immediate connection…we fell in love fast and hard, being together came so easily to us. I understand how it may be difficult for some people to grasp Austin and my connect but we just GET each other. We have since the first day we met.

I never believed in soul mates until I met Austin. We complement each other perfectly. Our flaws match each other’s strengths. We are able to talk through times when we are not on the same page. We are both empathetic and giving people…and I think that is a big part of being able to have such a stable and healthy relationship: identifying and understating your partner’s needs, acknowledge them, and accommodate the best you can. That works for us, at least.

I could go on and on about…EVERYTHING but I’ll break it up into different posts. As a last little tidbit for this post: we are honest, we make time for each other (even if it means writing it down in a planner), and we do what we can to make each other as comfortable as possible day to day. Relationships are incredibly complicated but caring for each other selflessly and with your whole heart is a really great place to start.

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