Halloween Coloring Books

I made a trip to Target the other day and stumbled across the most amazing thing in the dollar section! Halloween coloring books! Of course I had to get all of them (what, they were only a dollar each!). One of them is even a mini one that came with 25 Halloween stickers.

The coloring books are so cute, and as it turns out I’m not half bad at coloring. I know, I know: yet another skill to add to the ol resume. I love using orange, purple, and green but I’m also trying to branch out with different colors.Ultimately, I’m trying to not take coloring so serious. Which is a bit of a challenge for me since I take most things seriously. I don’t know coloring is fun. And it’s Halloween-y. Also there are little mini games like mazes and Tic Tac Toe which is pretty cool, too. All I’m missing is a bowl full of Halloween candy to go with it!

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