Game Notes & Shit Notebook

I’ve always been a creative person and with that I always have a notebook on stand-by should I be hit with a wave of inspiration. For the past couple of years I’ve been used paper moleskin books, usually of the pastel variety. However, I wans’t very consistant with filling them out. I hop books a lot, and wouldn’t jot down all of my ideas in the same spot, usually leading them to be lost.

I think I’ve finally found a remedy: personalizing my notebooks. My first notebook with this idea in use is my Game Notes & Shit notebook which I initially started because I play 1000 different games on my DS and I never remember what I was doing in game when I finally float back to it. I figure if I manually write down notes I can come back and use them as a reference in the future.

I know, it’s dorky as hell BUT it led to a super cool notebook.

I covered it in stickers I got my Bando agenda that I knew I’d never use in the actual planner. I used stickers of colors and things that I like: pools, ice cream, bubbly drinks, pastels, etc. On the inside I encourage myself to use a plethora of colors when jotting down notes. Don’t get me wrong: none of this is color coded or organized but the color adds way more excitedment and festivity when I come back to read my notes.

The “& Shit” is a key point in the tital because as I get farther into my notebook the more “anything goes” comes into play. Blog ideas, life goals, doodles, random tid-bits on the games I play…scribbles. I think there are some notes from school in there, too. It’s insanity. It’s also essentially a big ‘ol brain dump.

Back in middle school I used to write in composition notebooks and cover them with pictures of stuff I liked online that I would print. I would take the pictures on my book and then cover the notebook with packing tape to prevent damage. I also used to dress up like Optimus Prime and write out skits about his daily average life.

I was an odd child to say the least.

I don’t know who I’m trying to kid, I still am! I tried to buy Harvest Moon headphones the other day that had plush cow ears on them. Over the ear, noise cancelling cow headphones. The only reason I didn’t get them is because Austin felt like I’d never use them which is 100% correct.

I don’t know, guys, I guess some things never change!

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