The Point of Engagement

This may come off sounding really silly but after being engaged for a solid 8 months I’m just now realizing the point of engagement. Fun fact about me: I am the type of person who would elope if I were given the chance. But my fiancé really wants to do the whole wedding thing so I will push aside my spontaneous tendencies for once in my life and cooperate.


Image by Judy Dean via Flickr.

That’s neither here nor there. What I’m getting at is that I was never one to spend much time thinking about weddings much less being engaged: if fact up until now I though engagement was just a weird excuse to put off something I would rather do ASAP.

As it turns out, that’s not quite the case. It JUST occurred to me that the time people spend being engaged is kind of a trial phase in a relationship before you make the jump into marriage. It’s a chunk of time allotted for adjusting to actually having to rely on someone else which is, by the way, terrifying.

Every one’s relationship with their spouse is different and with that I’m sure perspectives on engagement vary as well. However, in my personal experience I have found that there is some significance to spending time getting to know my partner before we approach the altar.

By that I mean 2017 has been a hellish year and if I was with anyone else I’m 98% sure an engagement would not have lasted however I’m lucky enough to be in a relationship with the actual kindest, supportive and understand person on the planet so we actually ended up much stronger through it all.

I’m sure if we were married already we would have been ok, too, but I will say after spending the time to get to know my fiancé better during our engagement I know I’ll have absolutely no doubts or concerns when we finally tie the knot.

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