T – One Year!

As of today it’s officially one year until Austin and my wedding! It’s such a crazy feeling because when we first got engaged it felt like a two year engagement would drag on and on. In reality it flew by!

Image by Susan 402 via Flickr.

Austin and I have both been really busy with work and school to really think too hard about our wedding much less jumping into planning mode. I guess we should start soon! This year slipped right past us. I have a really strong really this upcoming year will, as well.

Honestly, I hope the next year flies by for me because Austin and I have been looking forward to getting married for much longer than either of us will admit. It will have been a long time coming to say the least! Plus after our wedding all of our current major plans will be all wrapped up (the major ones being me finishing school and getting married).

At this moment I’m looking forward to having a really cute wedding dress, seeing Austin in a suit, and having some peace and quiet for once in my fucking life. I’m so sick of the riff raft, the noise, the excess and as soon as I get married I am on vacation mode from life. DO NOT DISTURB. Sure, I plan on still going to work but you best believe I will be coasting for a solid six months. Not working towards anything, not doing anything in particular. I want to have six months of absolutely NOTHING going on in my life.

I know that sounds like me being my usual dramatic self but after the pure fuckery that has been 2017—

This is a happy nice post so I’m going to put a pin in that one for now.

Anyway! I’m excited to be getting closer and closer to marrying the LOVE of my LIFE. I could write posts after post about all of the amazing things about Austin but I don’t want to make my whole three readers barf.

Maybe more posts about wedding planning in the future? It’s shaping up to be a pretty quiet event and I don’t want to reveal too much in case any guests keep up to date with me here on my weird little website (and weird is the right word..take a look at the archives, it dates all the way back to 2011 when I was sixteen!!). Not that our wedding is some massive secret, however Austin and I typically keep to ourselves. Our relationship is so quiet that I’m pretty sure the only people who know our true colors together is me and him.

I’m putting a pin in that one, too.

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