Getting In Touch With The Inner Me

I have been so off this year. I finally have the opportunity to slow down, re-arrange my life, and take some time to get in touch with my inner Amanda. By that I mean I’m taking time to get back to the things that make me genuinely happy. Here are a few things I’ve been doing to move back towards peak Amanda:


Image by Matt Northam via Flickr.

POSTING ON MY BLOG – cheap wine, my cat, sunshine, and my pink keyboard…the perfect equation for maximum creativity! I’m back on the blog and I’ve been writing like a loon. I can’t get enough!

  • Getting Dolled Up – I love putting together cute/bizarre outfits with the scrapts I’ve accumulated in my closet. It’s takes a lot of creativity but the outfits I piece together are so much fun! People have been stopping me in the streets to tell me they like my outfits! More Outfit Of The Day posts in the future…?
  • Wandering Around Target with Austin – We always roam around Target but lately it’s been way more fun. I feel like I have energy to actually enjoy my free time again and appreciate The Moment.
  • Dyed My Hair Black/Red – I used to have dark red hair in high school! And I had black hair in college/that one year I ran around San Marcos like a leaf in the wind! Now I have Black Cherry hair. Um, I love it. I’ve been trying out blonde the past couple of months but we all know I’m a brunette deep down.
  • Going To The Gym – I need those endorphins, y’all. There’s nothing quite like letting your mind relax while you jog on the elliptical. I don’t care if it’s a bitch workout, I like it!
  • Cleaning My Apartment – This is a weird one, but back before I started school I used to really enjoy cleaning my apartment on my weekday off while Austin was out of the house. I would do a super deep clean once a week and he would come home to a perfect apartment (he’s a neat freak so I know it means a lot to him).

This is a list of things I’m actively working on however I’m still brainstorming about other things I can do to be more Me. I would LOVE another tattoo but I’m saving up to go back to school. Maybe I’ll go to the pool or something (since the beach closest to me was recently obliterated by Hurricane Harvey).  Overall I’m just glad I’m started to feel and act like myself again.

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