Radio Silence

I’ve been pretty quiet online the past month but I think it’s time for me to make an attempt to come back to the good ol blog. Social Media and the news lately have been so miserable this year (for good reason) and I had to make the choice to not expose myself to it as much as I could. I have a lot on my plate, on top of the fact I have to choose my personal wellness over the drama online. I just get so upset on social media these days, and me being upset all of the time doesn’t help any one.

My little pink keyboard

I’m still going to staying pretty scarce on social media (even Snapchat…I just haven’t been in a posting mood) but I love writing and publishing blog posts has been the one thing that consistently makes me happy over the years so I don’t want to give up on it now! I’m not going to lie I thought about shutting it down for good over the past month because of so much going on in my life (and how much my life is going to change within the next couple of years) but…I LOVE WRITING. It’s an amazing hobby of mine and I know I would regret letting it go and having to start from scratch later.

My weekly schedule is pretty crazy between school, maintaining my home, socializing, and my new job so I’m not going to hold myself up to a blogging schedule like I have in the past. For now I’m going to write when inspiration strikes and just have fun with it. My blog is just a hobby, anyway, and I don’t see why I should have to take it so seriously.

One reason I’m nervous about keeping my blog up is because I’m in the works of starting my career in the cosmetology world and I would hate for people to not take me so seriously because of the content of my blog…but I never post anything bad…and the social media accounts I post on about my blog are locked anyway… I’m sure you could find it if you google me though….I’m not sure what to do about all of that but I’ll deal with it later in the school year! In the meantime I’m just going to blog away and have a good time!

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