I’m Engaged!!

Despite being an avid blogger I’m not huge on posting about my life on social media so I figure if I’m going to announce such an important milestone it might as well be on the good ol’ blog. Over my little holiday break my boyfriend proposed to me! I’m engaged!

On our year and half anniversary we went down to San Marcos, Texas where we first met and did some shopping at the outlet malls. I made quite a haul and had an amazing time walking around with Austin. Despite being pretty full from our breakfast (we stopped by Snooze, a local brunch spot in Austin and enjoyed some quality eggs Benedict) we went to the coffee shop where we first met and grabbed lattes and a snack.

While we were at the coffee shop Austin told me he had one last Christmas gift for me. We had exchanged stuffed stockings a few days before and I was genuinely shocked that he had anything else for me. Austin asked me if I wanted to get the last gift in the coffee shop or down by the San Marcos river where we first sat down and really got to know each other on our first date. I was pretty nervous because I had a hunch on what the last gift was so i chose to wait until we got to the river.

It was the end of December so no one was at the river except us which was really nice. We walked from the coffee shop down to the river and talked a little bit…and then he pulled out a beautiful ring and proposed! It’s rose gold and one of a kind! I’m not a big fan of wearing jewelry but this ring is so ME.

After we got back to town we hung out at a giant Barnes and Noble and then went back to our apartment to make phone calls to family members to let them know of the good news. We went to dinner at an upscale steakhouse and had the best salmon and steak of our lives! It was such a perfect day!

I’m not going to lie, I was in a state of shock for a good couple of days. I’m a fiancé! I have a fiancé! I’ve been pretty quite about in on social media because I don’t like to rub people’s noses in my good fortune (plus I’m just a more private person on social media) but this is my blog! This is the one place I can brag and blab and prattle on about it. I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!!

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