Locking My Accounts

I finally did the grown up thing and locked up my social media accounts. By that I mean after about 5 years of trying to get as many people to follow me online as possible I’ve decided to give up the fight and turn all of my accounts to private.

 Image by mmartinsson via Flickr.

Now that I’m in school I’ve been thinking long and hard about my future career, professionalism, and how I present myself online. I don’t think I’ve done anything particularly embarrassing online but I think it’s better safe than sorry so I locked up my accounts. My future clients don’t need to know my personal business and quite frankly future coworkers don’t need to know either.

Over the years I think I’ve done a good job at being responsible with how to express myself online in a sense that I have don’t anything offense, rude, or unprofessional but I think being in control of my online presence is important and with that came the decision to be a little more private online.

I couldn’t find a way to make my YouTube or Tumblr. pages private so I may end up deleting those accounts before I graduate but in the meantime I don’t want to do anything too crazy. I’m also not sure what to do about my blog…since you can read up a lot about me on here. I would never delete my blog, but I’m probably not going to be blasting links anywhere other than my private pages.

With locking up my accounts I’ve also opened a few new ones up, too. I now have a professional Instagram page (@amanda_rife) and I’m working on a professional website to showcase my cosmetology work. I have a lot of work to put into it still but once I get the website set up I’m planning on making some business cards for my cosmetology career (I know I have SO many business cards…but I’m actually going to use the new set I promise!)

I love my little corner of the internet here on my blog but it’s definitely time to double check and clean things up a bit. I have a lot of HUGE goals with my cosmetology career and I think the first step of reaching them smoothly is by growing up a little bit a locking up my accounts online.

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