Keeping Up With My Cosmo Kit

I feel like I end up fiddling with my cosmetology kit at least once a day. At least. There are so many tools, most in which I haven’t used or don’t know how to use (or use well). I remember the first week of having my kit, it felt like stumbling through the jungle every time I snuck a peek. Cords and bristles all over the place like vines and thorns.

During week two of having my cosmetology kit it started to feel a little more familiar. I still didn’t know how sort through it but at least I kinda knew what I was looking at. The biggest issue was figuring out (through trial and error) how to meneuver my massive bag from home to car to school to car to home. I spent more time than I’d like to admit tottering though cold dark parking lots trying to get out of the rain. It’s hard to protect a bag from the elements that’s half my size! I had to jump over puddles and dodge cars but I survived!

Now I’m on week three with my bag and I’ve made a stronger attempt to control the chaos in my cosmo bag. I bought Tupperware containers to keep all of my tools at least mildly organized. I still don’t feel like it’s my ideal technique but I’m starting to realize that getting to know my tools is going to take time. In the meantime I can at least travel with it better.

Other than organizing the looming task of upgrading my tools has already started to creep up on me. Better clipper guards, check. Organizational bins, check for now. But I turn around for two seconds and suddenly I need expo markers, a watch, EPA, better hair clips, a high quality mannequin stand??, a better duffel bag, and iPad that doesn’t cling to wifi….when will it end!?

Ultimately I have to just remind myself that this is the beginning of my relationship with my cosmo kit and there is plenty of time for us to get to know each other. There’s no rush for me to upgrade everything or have everything organized to a T. I care about school and my career A LOT which makes it harder for me not to obsess over the state of my bag but at least while I’m in the initial stages of the curriculum my goal is to take a serious chill pill.

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