Moving Soon (Again)

I know when I moved into my current apartment I really did intend to staying for a good two or three years AT LEAST but lo and behold! I have another moving date next week!

Moving is typically a nightmare but as I’m sure you know I’m the type of person that constantly craves change. Being flighty isn’t the only reason Austin and I decided to move at the end of our lease though.

Reasons Why We’re Moving:

  • Right after we moved into our current apartment new management rolled in…unfortunately not for the better
  • Although to most people our apartment is “small” it still feels too big for the two of us. We’re such busy people that when we’re home we’re always together so all of the extra space is unnecessary
  • We’re also big on minimalism in the sense that we don’t like to own a ton of unnecessary stuff. A smaller apartment means less room to be tempted to fill with things
  • We just really like small living spaces…plus we can redecorate!

I’m excited about moving and our new apartment is going to be super cute. Moving day is going to be hectic because I also have school that day on top of the fact that we have tickets to see Star Wars that night. Maybe one day my life will calm down but it’s not looking like it will until January…I think? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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