2017 Planner

2016 was the first year in a really long time that I utilized a planner. In fact, I’m pretty sure the last time I’ve effectively used a planner was back in early high school when I get one for free from the school I attended.

Even then I don’t think I truly appreciated the  usefulness of a planner until this year when I used one to plan my work shifts, appointments, trips, and errands. So of course I had to snatch up  a pretty planner for 2017 as well!

I bought a pink floral planner from shop bando and I’m pretty excited to crack into it! I got a medium planner that’s focused on month to month plans rather than individual weeks. There’s plently of space for me to pencil in all of my plans on the monthly calendar which I like because I enjoy having a overall monthly view of what I’m up to. The month paged is followed by a week to week plan page for more details I might need to pencil in, too, which could be really useful.

The planner also came with a folder pocked, plenty of space for notes (which I used so far as a color coded key for the various types of plans I’ll be writing in such as birthdays, work shifts, work, etc), and pages and pages of stickers to use throughout the planner. It’s a cute planner because it has artwork throughout, compliments, and even secret codes to decode every month. Just some cute details to help engagement with the planner throughout the year.


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