Melanie Martinez Concert Experience

For the second time this year I was able to see Melanie Martinez in concert! No, this time I didn’t have to drive all the way out to Tulsa, Oklahoma. This time my sister and I drove to San Antonio, Texas to catch Melanie at the Aztec Theater.

The line wasn’t that bad, but our goal wasn’t to be in front of the crowd for once so we went down to the Riverwalk and shared a massive margarita (32 oz to be exact) and YEAH I know I JUST posted about how I quit alcohol but my sister just turned 21 and the concert tickets were my gift to her to celebrate so…….anyway!

After the margarita we explored the Riverwalk and wandered around a really cheesy tourist gift shop. A lot of items about beer, guns, and Texas which really made me what to move out of the state sooner rather than later but whatever. I acknowledge that 90% of Texas is pure trash. What can I do?

After than my sister and I went back to the line and watched all of the Melanie fans all dressed up in weird outfits and all very obviously uncomfortable in their own skin. A lot of middle schoolers, but more power to them for convincing their parents to let them go out on a school night. The venue was super cool, especially on the inside because the stage looked like an Aztec tomb, with stone faces with glowing red eyes and a green spooky light creeping out at the top of the stage. We grabbed mixed drinks that were Melanie Martinez themed (they were pink and called Dollhouse!) and found a stop with a good view in the venue.

The show was AMAZING. I cried through multiple songs, sang along for once in my life, and even bough a t shirt (even though the merch line was BRUTAL). My shirt is of my favorite song, Training Wheels, which is pretty cool. I love Melanie Martinez! This show really reignited that for me. The least fun part was driving all the way back home from San Antonio in the middle of the night but when I finally got home I ate a massive grilled cheese sandwich and took a long hot shower. It was a super fun experience! Apparently Melanie will be touring a new album this time next year….and I’m going to make sure I have time to go!

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