I’m officially 22! I’m super super excited about being 22 because honestly I love being an adult. I love being responsible for myself and I love that I can do whatever I want with my life.


Image by duncan via Flickr.

I’ve made so many positive changes in my life in the past year and for the first time I feel like I’m on a really good path. I’ve been making 5 year plans and have even started thinking about where I want to be in life in my 30s. I feel like I have a very bright future and 22 feels like the start of it.

I know 22 is going to most likely be all about school and work but I’m hoping that all of my hard work this year will have me set up for diving into my career when I’m 23.

I don’t have many plans for my birthday this year, to be honest. I have school today and I’m gong out to dinner with my boyfriend in the evening but so far that’s all I have going on. I did get a tattoo a few weeks ago as a birthday present from Austin which is really exciting!

So far 22 is looking like the first year that I start to seriously bloom as a grown person. It’s very exciting stuff. I have so many plans for the next couple of years and this year is the time I’ll get to start working towards them. That’s all I’m going to say about that for now!

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