New Purse!

As time goes on I’ve noticed that purses have been slowly but surely collecting in the back of my closet. I swear though, I needed a new! And this will be the last one I get for a while (probably!).


I feel like I have an issue with keeping too many random thing in my purse. Part of it is me trying to be prepared of every last situation that could possible occur in my life (that never to) and things, mostly lipsticks, piling up as time goes on.

My newest one if my current favorite. It’s a pink cross body that’s the smallest purse I have. It has compartments built-in for money and cards so I can ditch my bulky wallet. It has just enough room for my phone, prescription, a mirror and a couple of my favorite lipsticks. It’s so cute and small, which is perfect since I always feel like I’m out and about these days. I don’t want to lug a ton of random things around town with me anymore, just the bare essentials.

I got my purse at Charming Charlie for only $19 and I’m so obsessed with it. It came with a cross body strap as well a much smaller one so I can use my purse as a clutch (wristlet? I’m not sure what the word is for it) if I want to. I never really thought I’d be a purse person but here I am absolutely in love with mine. Having a new purse makes me so excited to get out of the house and get the most use out of it!

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