Joker Halloween 2016

In 2013 was about zombies, 2014 was about Saw, 2015 was paranormal, and the latest addition to my Halloween series the The Joker!

Unfortunately, this year was really quiet for me. I’ve been so wrapped up in life that I didn’t take time to do anything Halloween-y. I worked on Halloween night and went into work as The Joker which was pretty cool (and maybe a little questionable considering all of the crazy clowns on the streets these days…).

I have a Joker dress that I bought on clearance at Hot Topic a couple of years ago and I JUST now wore it out. It seemed to be designed like the Jack Nicholson joker so with my makeup I channeled that version on the Joker. I had super dark and pointing eyebrows, and the clean red smile. I wanted to keep my makeup recognizable but not over the top and I think I hit the nail on the head.

Throughout October I did visit a couple of Spirit Halloween stores and even a knock off warehouse equivalent, all trips were super fun. There’s nothing quite like wandering through Halloween stores and laughing at all of the shitty costumes and the un-trademarked versions of characters. I also did watch Annabelle, Poltergeist, Children of the Corn, and The Blair Witch Project this month (I think it was October when I watched those…) but I’m way too easily spooked so I didn’t watch any horror movies past those.

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