How To Cut Calories At Coffee Shops

I’ve been working on getting fit and eating better all year and have made some decent progress. However, when I got my job at a coffee shop I had to go in being careful about what I ate in the store.


Image by windy_ via Flickr.

Coffee shop drinks are known for not being the healthiest and if I want to keep my progress up I’d have to learn what the better options that are available.

  1. No Whipped Cream – I personally think the whipped cream is more for the looks rather than adding flavor to the drinks so you’re not losing anything but calories when you cut the whipped cream. Whipped cream can make up to a 100 calorie difference in your drinks, which really adds up if you’re a frequent visitor.
  2.  Mind The Milk – When ordering a beverage try using soy or skim milk instead of the usual 2% or whole milk. I personally prefer lighter milk options because it’s what I grew up drinking but if you’re not used to it I promise you can adjust.
  3. Adjust The Syrup – From skinny syrup options to simply asking for less pumps, adjusting the syrup per drink can make a massive difference. Changing the syrup and milk and drop 100 calories off your latte.
  4. Cut The Crazier Drinks – Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE Frappachinos…but I don’t order them anymore. They’re so good but they don’t agree with my stomach or my waistline. The whole milk, tons of sugar, and the whipped cream on top is simply too much if you’re looking to be mindful of what you eat. As much as it sucks at first, your body will thank you later!
  5. Check The Treats – Before you enjoy that muffin check to see the calories. You can find the calorie count online and you’d be surprised! I’ve had a single donut at Starbucks that was close to 500 calories! Definitely not what I’m looking for in a snack. I like to enjoy fresh fruit cups and little sandwiches instead, since they have nutrients that make the calories worth it.

I know the exact calories will change depending on which coffee shop you go to, but if you keep these tips in mind you can enjoy trips to your favorite coffee shops while still moving towards reaching your fitness goals. I work at a coffee shop and it’s nice to still get to enjoy the products without having to stress out about my daily calorie count.

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