How I Calm Down

I’m currently going through a pretty massive life change (as I tend to do at least once a year since I left high school) and even though things are going according to plan I’m still freaking out about it. I realize that it’s just because things are going a little slower than I planned but I still need to find a way to calm the hell down. Here are a few things I’ve been doing in an attempt to cope with some of the stress:


Image by Neal Wellons via Flickr.

  1. Write in my diary – I love writing for my blog but sometimes I need to write for myself. Writing in my diary helps me relax my mind and get in touch with the root of my issues.
  2. Take a Day – When I stress my first reaction is to cancel all of my plans and stay home. I think it’s OK within reason but sometimes I try to cancel plans months in advance. Instead of freaking out about leaving my apartment I’ll take a day to chill out at home, watch the Kardashians, clean a little, and blog. Be productive without leaving the comfort of my home so I can simmer down.
  3. Working Out – When I throw myself into my workout it helps me forget my woes for a little bit and the endorphins help me stay positive for the rest of the day.
  4. Cutting Out the Excess – I like to identify the elements of my life that are not particularly helpful on top of being super draining and I cut it out! Recently I quit a job that planned to keep through November for many reasons and I don’t regret it. I have so much more energy to focus on getting into school and getting better at my new job.
  5. Coffee – There’s nothing like a big warm mug of coffee to soothe the soul.

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