Beauty School Tours Experience

Since the last cosmetology school I was planning on attending shut down overnight I’ve had to start my search for my education all over again from square one. I decided to tour a couple of schools before I chose one to commit two, and the experience was a little more bizarre than I thought it’d be.


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

The first tour I went on was with Aveda. My roommate from college, Krista, went to Aveda pretty high on my list (it probably should have been on top of my list in the first place). The building was huge, modern, and very clean. The school had a very calm and comfortable feel to it. The enrollment representative I spoke with was kind and very transparent about the school, finances, and the enrollment process. At the end of my tour I even got a handful of Aveda product samples, free headphones, and a coupon for a free haircut, facial, or mani-pedi at the school. Overall, it was a very positive experience that left me excited and a little jittery about starting school.

The next tour I took was at the Paul Mitchel school. It’s literally called Paul Mitchell The School and it’s located in the back of an under construction shopping center. I’m not going to lie, I was tempted to not go at all because I loved Aveda so much but for the sake of keeping an open mind (and potential free samples) I went anyway.

My personal opinion of Paul Mitchell The School: it’s kind of a total wreck. The inside was loud and had an uncomfortable warehouse vibe to it. The representatives assumed I was in high school and then kept drawing false conclusions about me and my goals (I mentioned potentially wanting to move to a different city one day and they somehow turned that into me wanting to travel the world for work…). Part of their curriculum is straight up having students sell their products to their friends and family as if they wouldn’t make enough money off of me through tuition and the haircuts I’d do for free for them (they keep the money from clients, if you didn’t know). The class sizes were massive and the classrooms were a bit dingy. Part of the curriculum is optional…basically you have the option to be a mediocre or an advanced student…but why wouldn’t the school hold all of their students to the highest standard? I really didn’t feel like the reps cared about me as a person, but more as another chunk of cash they needed to get a hold of. On top of that, no free samples!

I think you can probably tell by now which school I plan of attending this fall…Aveda! I’m so excited to be attending one of the top, most well-known schools in the area. I feel like I’ll make the most of my money at Aveda because I’ll walk away with advanced skills in hair, makeup, nails, and skin. I’m sure Paul Mitchell is the perfect place for some people, but Aveda was obviously the school for me. I feel like Aveda will help me start my career in cosmetology as confidently as possible and I can’t wait for classes to start next month!

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