Quitting Alcohol

Since I’ve turned 21 I’ve enjoyed trying out different drinks and figuring out what I like. Right now I’m a fan of cheap pink wine, mimosas, and ciders. As much as I enjoy a drink here and there recently I’ve decided to quit alcohol.


Image by Jeremy Brooks via Flickr.

The main reason I decided to quit drinking is because it has been making hitting my fitness goals harder than it needs to be. It’s extra (and empty) calories and honestly, it’s not great for me anyway.

I haven’t been drinking for a good month or so now and I see the difference. I’ve been able to lose a considerable amount of weight since I quit. Not to mention that my tolerance has gone down, I’m sure, so one day when I do decided to have a drink I won’t be tempted to have more than one, since one is probably all I’m going to need!

Even after I reach my fitness goals I thinking I’m still going to keep my alcohol use low to none at all. I want to live a long healthy life and part of that is me taking care of my body while I’m young.

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