Traditional Relationships

When I was 18 and leaving the nest I spent a lot of time getting to know myself as a person and thinking about the kind of person I wanted to be in the future. I thought about what I wanted for myself, including my expectations for potential relationships. One thing I never considered was me being in a traditional relationship in any shape or form.


Image by vic xia via Flickr.

I understand that most things in life are on a spectrum, especially human characteristics. When I was first stepping out into the world I saw myself in a “non-traditional” relationship in the sense that I would be completely dependent on my own personal finances, I would split cleaning and cooking 50/50 with my partner, I’d still rock my little mini skirts and crop tops, and I’d NEVER have a wedding. I didn’t even thinking I’d be in a serious relationship until I was at least 27 (very specific I know but I had a lot of free time to think these things through).

Life has an interesting way of surprising me, as it has in this case. I’m not saying the my current relationship has turned me into a peppy little housewife-to-be, but I’ve certainly found myself being more comfortable taking a slightly more traditional role in my relationship. Keep in mind, “more traditional” for me, a hooligan city girl, is probably MUCH different from what most people consider traditional.

Ever since I moved in with my boyfriend what I want from my relationship has definitely evolved. I do take care of a bulk of the cleaning around the house since my boyfriend works almost twice as much as I do. On top of that I actually enjoy cleaning because it makes me feel good 1) having a tidy apartment and 2) knowing my neat freak of a boyfriend will come home to a spotless home. I’ve also had to get used to the fact that my boyfriend makes significantly more than me and it’s not realistic for me to reject him when he tries to help me out and support me (for now…I’m working on my career and hope to be contributing more to our lifestyle in the future).

Over the past year I’ve also done a complete 180 on potentially throwing a wedding one day down the road. Love is a crazy thing, I guess! I also have no issue letting Austin investigate any weird noises at night, because if he’s going to take the responsibility of running our tiny little household he can check for ghouls or thieves in the dead of night.

When I was younger I definitely thought I’d split head of household responsibilities 50/50 with my partner but you know what? Austin likes being in charge of our home and I like letting him be in change. I trust him, he makes me feel safe and quite frankly, if he and I are comfortable and happy with our dynamic then I’m not going to sweat being a little more traditional than I expected.

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