Now Playing: Blue Neighborhood

I have a very short list of phenomenal albums saved on my Spotify and Blue Neighborhood by Troye Sivan is the newest addition.


I’ve love the vibe of the whole album, so much so that earlier this week I was late to work  because I was so into listening to this album that I spaced out and missed my exit on the highway.

There are so many songs that I’m in love with on Blue Neighborhood so I’m going to go ahead and write out the full track list. All of the songs in bold are the songs I’m particularly obsessed with and all of the song in italics are the songs that I typically skip (not a bad song, just a song I typically jump over to get to the good good).

  1. WILD
  2. BITE
  3. FOOLS
  4. EASE
  6. DKLA
  8. COOL
  10. YOUTH
  11. LOST BOY
  12. for him.
  14. TOO GOOD
  15. BLUE
  16. WILD – XXYYXX Remix

As you can tell I’m obsessed with a good portion of the album. I love how calm the songs are and how different the sound is than a lot of music being put out right now. Troye has such a nice voice and it fits the soothing sound of the whole album. If you’re looking for something new to listen to I highly recommend Blue Neighborhood.


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