Inspiration Collages #2

It’s been almost 8 months since my last set of inspiration collages, and considering how much as gone on for me this summer I think it’s about time I get back in touch with my inner me and make a fresh set!


As you can tell, I’m still obsessed with pink and flowers but I’m started to be more attracted to deeper, more muted shades opposed to my usual pastels. I love love love makeup (and I’m loud and proud about it now that I’m about to go to school for it). Long brown hair, sweaters & dresses, and The Neighbourhood. The photo of Wiped Out! even shows the song with my favorite lyrics from the album:

If I meet you in the middle maybe we could agree
You make me feel little how you’re looking at me
And you can throw me shade, all it does is just cool me off
First it just threw me off, now I’m just moving on


I feel like the images speak for themselves. I’m still really into flowers, lace, and pastels but I’m starting to learn towards a more mature, classy look. I’m not sure how quickly that will translate to real life BUT it’s a style I’m really inspired by. I even recently cleaned out my closet and donated a lot of clothes I used to love in late high school/college. I feel like as I’m beginning to work on my career and as my love life matures I’m growing with it, style-wise. It’s pretty exciting stuff! I’m still in the process of whipping myself into shape (I’m halfway to my goal!) but if I have a few spare pennies once I get there I’ll have to beef up my closet again with better pieces.

*all of these pictures were found on Pinterest and assembled in Fotor

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