How A Beauty School Almost Ruined My Life

Over the past couple of months I’ve been working getting enrolled into a cosmetology school. I’d zeroed in on one school in particular, Regency Beauty Institute,  and was going through the process of setting up financial aid when — POOF — the school shut down literally overnight!


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

It’s not a huge surprise to me that school shut down considering how much of a hard time they were giving me and my dad about money. Even when I was planning on start school in January they were rushing me to do the financial aid process in August. Even when I took the tour, which was only 10 minutes long, they immediately launched me into the application process.

I didn’t think twice about it, probably because I’m a naive 21-year-old, and applied but the further I got into the application process the more stressed I got. Thank goodness my dad stepped in! He had to for the financial aid process but all of the horrible communication with the “enrollment specialists” gave my dad a very bad hunch. When I say horrible communication I mean different people calling me and my dad about the financial aid, these people calling me instead of my dad about things involving only him (I guess it’s easier to manipulate the 21-year-old girl than the 45-year-old grown man), and when my dad and I asked them direct questions they simply chose not to answer. WEIRD.

The only page left on the Regency website

I was actually calling the Regency Enrollment Specialists on the morning of September 29th when the automated message told me that the call center was closed and to get more information on it I had to go to the Regency website. I thought it was odd but everything made sense when I went to the website… only to see a grey page with a message about how the school was shut down effective immediately. As in: the poor students went to class that morning only to be greeted with locked doors. I’m not kidding.

I’m really glad I didn’t get too involved with the school because it doesn’t seem like the students are getting their money back (from what I read). Yikes! I would’ve been devastated if I invested tens of thousands of dollars in a cosmetology program only to be kicked back out on the street out of nowhere. I honestly don’t think I could’ve afforded to go to another school if that had happened, just based on the potential student loans that would’ve been involved.

I’m taking this as an opportunity to apply to much more reliable schools, like Aveda and Paul Mitchell. Schools that are really well-known and have a good reputation across the country. I have tours set up already and I’m not going to apply before checking in with my dad because even though I want to be independent I rather not risk almost getting scammed into hefty student loans. Better safe than sorry!

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