MSU Game Day

A few weeks ago Austin and I packed up a duffle bag, crawled into my little Honda Fit and made the 10+ hour drive out to Starkville, Mississippi for the weekend. Austin’s alma mater Mississippi State University was having a game day and his family (many who have attended MSU or plan on it) were going to tailgate and attend the game.

my-bellSeveral things: 1) I’m typically a VERY nervous person when it comes to meeting important people and 2) I don’t know anything about school spirit or football. Last year when I first met Austin’s parents I was so nervous I could hardly eat so I sipped nervously on a couple mixed drinks all night which was a mistake since I ended up almost falling over in the parking lot (I think. I don’t quite remember).

Despite my tendencies to be a complete freak the weekend actually went really well. I was about to eat and even talk a little bit although I did do my fair share of staring. I met Austin’s siblings and a couple of his grandparents (2 out or 7, to be exact) and they seem to think I’m ok. It was super fun running around Starkville preparing for the game with everyone, which included buying a giant maroon cow bell, MSU buttons, and copious amounts of beer.

The game itself was way more bearable than I expected, although we did leave halfway through due to the weather delays. Very dark rain clouds were creeping over the stadium through the first half of the game but it didn’t start raining until after halftime (thank goodness! I wanted to see the marching band since Austin was in it for four years while he was in school). I didn’t get to see campus as much as I would have liked though because the Mississippi heat nearly killed me (twice). I seriously almost passed out. I’m not going to lie I didn’t expect Austin’ family to figure out that I’m a weak bitch until AT LEAST Thanksgiving but whatever. What can you do?

The trip was a lot of fun! I had a great time seeing Austin’s college town and meeting his family. What was even more surprising was that Austin and I survived being in the car together for well over 20 hours that weekend without getting sick of each other. Now THAT’S true love.

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