Since I decided to go to cosmetology school I’ve been working on preparing for the big jump. For one, I need to sort out the financial side of 1) paying for school and 2) paying for my other life expenses while I’m going to school for 40 hours a week. My whole routine is going to change and I’m stuck in the middle of transitioning.


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

I’ve also needed to sort out my job situation since my current job is on the other side of town (an hour and fifteen minute drive in traffic) and the shifts conflict with my upcoming school schedule.

I know everything I need to get done by the time school starts but wow it sure has become much more troublesome than I originally thought it’d be. I have a new job already BUT I can’t pay my bills with only the new one so I need to keep the old one until November…but management isn’t too thrilled about it. Sorry I want to move on and better my life?? But it’s to a point that it’s so dramatic and annoying that I might just cut the cord now and dip into my savings until school starts.

Financial aid is out of my hands at the moment but it’s a whole other nightmare within itself. Now I’m just sitting around in limbo waiting for my classes to start…awkwardly trying to hang on to a job I hate while getting used to my new work environment.

There’s not a real point to this post, I guess, other than just me venting. The amount of stress I’ve been experiencing has been crazy but it’ll be worth it when I’m able to transition at least somewhat smoothly into my new lifestyle this fall.

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