The Rest Of 2016

It’s hard to believe that September is already almost over! I feel like 2016 has flown by but even though the year is beginning to near the end I still have so much planned for the last couple of months.


Image by CarrieLu via Flickr.

September: Most of what I’m working on for the rest of this month is preparing for cosmetology school. I start a new job soon (my current job is on the other side of town and I won’t have time to commute anymore when I’m spending 40 hours a week at school on top of work) which is super exciting. I also want to get all of the financial side of going to school squared away this month so I won’t have to worry about it more than I already am (I don’t think ANYONE has dealt with FAFSA without literal tears).

October: During October I have quite a few things lined up. My sister’s birthday is in the middle of the month and she wants to go to the House of Torment, which is a massive haunted house attraction in Austin. She also wants me to go see the new Ring movie so we need to do a marathon of the first two films. Later in the month I have tickets to see Melanie Martinez in San Antonio and I’m sure I’ll end up doing something for Halloween but we’ll see.

November: This will probably be the most exciting month more me! In the beginning of the month I’m getting a new tattoo for my  birthday. Then I’m off to Mississippi to spend Thanksgiving with Austin’s family which I’m really looking forward to. As soon as I get back in town I start cosmetology school!

I don’t have any solid plans for December yet except for going about my routine, working and school. During the next couple of months I’m also working on hammering down on getting in shape as well as (hopefully) growing out my hair long enough to get rid of this overgrown pixie cut look. I have a lot going on for the rest of 2016 which can be a little overwhelming but mostly I’m just excited to see how things pan out for me!

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