September Ipsy 2016

Late last year I started doing reviews of my ipsy bags that I get once a month. Ipsy is a makeup subscription back for only $10 a month and you get five items per bag. I love ipsy bags and I think it’s time I get back into reviewing what I get!sept-ipsy-16

This month was a particularly good bag for me! I got some great items!

Too Faced Extreme Lip Plumper ($28) – I was beyond excited to see Too Faced In my bag. I’m a huge fan and I was interested when I heard this item being talked about on social media. Basically it’s a lip gloss that irritates your lip (it tingles for 5 minutes) to make them “bigger”. It’s a fun product that does make lips look bigger, without making me look like a freak show a la Kylie Jenner.

Elf Purple Eyeshadow Palette ($6) – I’m all about little travel palettes since I’ve been doing a lot of road trips this year. I love the colors in this palette though the eye shadow itself isn’t very bright when applied. I appreciate the colors though and since it’s a cheaper palette I won’t mind taking it on the road since it can be easily replaced.

Eau Thermale Avene Moisturizing Face Serum – I’m not big on facial serums since I naturally have really clear skin however I’m not going to cry if I get one every now and then in my ipsy bag. It’ll be useful this winter when the air gets dry.

Trust Fund Nail Polish in Champagne Socialite ($15)- a shimmery champagne color that I would never pick up myself in the store BUT it’s actually a pretty fall color and I appreciate mixing up my beauty color and routine. It’s a full bottle too and it dried fast which I like. I also checked out Trust Fund’s website and WOW they have amazing neutral/nude and pastel colors. I really am trying hard not to buy 15 pink nail polishes today!

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioner (Full size $36) – I’m currently pretty deep into my Mane n’ Tail regiment but I did take a break for a day a tried this deep conditioner. I’ve gotten hair products from Briogio before in Ipsy and I’ve loved everything so far. This conditioner isn’t an exception! It’s perfect for my naturally dry, brittle hair and it’s just the right size to take out of town with me.

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