Not Utilizing My Skills

I’ve been publishing content online since I was 15, covering all sorts of mediums, like writing, drawings, and videos. There was a time that I enjoyed creating all types of posts equally but the more I’ve been blogging the more I began to favor certain mediums over others.


Image by Image Catalog via Flickr.

Even though I began to write more than I drew and made videos I still continued to pressure myself to utilize all of my skills by posting videos and drawings. But as I kept forcing myself to film videos and draw comics I couldn’t help but feel more and more uninspired.

I felt bad for not using my talents as much as I could and it wasn’t until very recently that I finally admitted to myself that I don’t write because it’s the easiest thing to do but because it’s the thing I like to do the most. I love writing! And I’m going to keep writing on my blog with no shame! Will I draw more and do videos in the future? Maybe! But for now I want to do what I enjoy and that’s spilling my guts online with the written word.

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