Beauty Isn’t Taboo

Do you remember back in the day when I used to write a bunch of makeup reviews and post pictures of my at-home hair dye experiments? I do, and making those posts were a lot of fun. I stopped posting about beauty so much because it started to feel a bit taboo.


Image by Michael Summers via Flickr.

I somehow convinced myself that when I posted about makeup and hair all of the time I was being shallow and that there were better topics for me to address online. But you know what? I love writing about beauty and style. Those are usually my most popular posts AND you know what?? I’m going to cosmetology school in November (I moved my start date up) so before you know it beauty and style will be my JOB.

I’m stylish and smart and lately I’ve been spending time thinking about my blog in terms of what makes me happy rather than thinking of what I think other people want to read. I’m going to write about beauty and style and my life and if y’all don’t want to hear it then…go find another blog to read!

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