Growing Out My Hair

Ok guys…here I am again claiming I’m going to take a stab at growing my hair out. I know! I’m sure I’ve made this decision 1000 times over but this time I feel like I’ll be more successful if I make some reasonable goals.


Image by Lauren Rushing via Flickr.

So! Instead of looking at pictures of Ariana Grande and longing for a length that I won’t get for AT LEAST a good 2 – 3 years I’m going to focus on obtaining a style that’s cute but still pretty short. I’m thinking chin length, and maybe trying some tools to get some big soft curls (instead of my usual straightened hair). 

From there on I can just let my hair grow in it’s own time without getting a haircut every month and a half. I still would get some trims here and there to keep my hair healthy and I’m officially done dyeing my hair (for now). I think if I were ever to dye my hair again it would be a much more natural look that what I’ve done in the past.

Of course, knowing me, I probably will completely change my mind on this as soon as this post goes live, but hey, at least I have a plan this time!

Right now I’m just excited to finally getting my hair back to dark brown, so my natural hair color can grow out, too. I’ve spent SO much money over the past five years on hair color. It’ll be nice to be able to save a few bucks and spend it on other beauty adventures.

I really think this growing my hair out nonsense will actually work this time because 1) I have much better hair care habits now and 2) I’m a much more patient person than I was a few years ago (or at least I think so!) If only I can survive a few months of awkward grown out pixie before I have enough length to get my hair cut into a different style!

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